We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

And……..we’re back.

About three years ago I dipped my toe into the world of blogging. As someone who loves to write, it seemed like a natural outlet to channel some of my creative energy. I enjoyed doing it and the four people who read my posts were complimentary. But then I took an “All Star break” and just never picked it up again. It wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision – I was actually in the middle of a series of hard hitting posts where I ran down the best looking players on each Major League Baseball team – but days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and I lost the momentum that I had.

In retrospect, I realize part of the problem was that my previous blog lacked focus. I originally started it as a way to keep up with friends and to chronicle my life. But Facebook made the former less relevant and I was always weary about how much of my personal life I actually wanted to put on-line. What to share and what not to share started to get complicated. The end result was I was bebopping all over the place, jumping from topic to topic and writing posts that were just too long. It was too overwhelming.

But the itch to write didn’t completely disappear. Resurrecting the blog in some form was an idea that I kept coming back to.  First I had to calibrate my scope and expectations. In the words of Steve Jobs, I had to “find what I love.”

And what I love is pop culture.

Movies, TV, sports and books – I can’t get enough of them. I view with suspicion anyone who doesn’t own a television. I’ve found the greatest ice breaker in any situation is to talk about what people are reading or watching.  Entertainment Weekly is my bible; movie quotes rattle around constantly in my brain. I know more about Seinfeld than I do about most members of my extended family. I plan vacations around when and where the New York Yankees will be playing. Had I known that one could make a legitimate living writing about this stuff, my life would have probably taken a very different career trajectory. Or at least would have had a career trajectory.

So we’ll give this a spin and see how this works out. I’ll attempt to document my life as a pop culture connoisseur  – what’s on my DVR and my Kindle, what I’m seeing in the cinema and whatever pop culture goodness I discover along the way. Follow me down the rabbit hole of all things entertainment.


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