Pop Culture Odds and Ends

Sometimes I come across some pop culture nuggets that I really enjoy, but that aren’t really worthy of their own blog post. So every once in a while, I’ll round up all these odds and ends and give them to you en masse. Consider it a pop culture buffet – a little bit of everything.

  • Perhaps Jimmy Fallon read my Peyton Manning/Tim Tebow post because right on schedule he resurrected his “Tebowie” character for another performance last night:
  • Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, he’ll be interviewing Madonna on Saturday. You can watch the Q&A live on Madonna’s Facebook page. It’s allegedly her only interview in support of her new album that drops next week
  • Michael Bay has plans to reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise and there is already controversy. Who knew that the Turtles had such a rabid fan base?
  • With “The Situation” going to rehab and Snooki pregnant, the next season of  Jersey Shore, slated to film this summer, should be interesting. Is there even a show if a third of the cast can’t make drunken fools of themselves?
  • I saw the best foreign language film Oscar winner, A Separation, on Monday night and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Subtitles aren’t for everyone, especially if you are a slower reader, but I really got sucked into the story of an Iranian couple’s decision to separate and the chain of events that it sets in motion, culminating in the husband being accused of murder. The performances are very good and they story does a nice job of presenting the various shades of gray in who is right and who is wrong. I’d recommend it.
  • Poor sweet Taylor Kitsch (aka Friday Night Lights’ Tim Riggins). John Carter, his first starring performance, is going to cost Disney about $200 million and may be the biggest box office flops of all time. His next starring role is in the big screen adaptation of the board game Battleship (which they have reworked to involve aliens). Good thing he is so darn good looking.


  • The newest family to get a reality show on E? The Eastwoods. Yup, as in Clint Eastwood. This doesn’t seem like a smart move, but I’m guessing it wasn’t his idea.
  • Adam Levine (Maroon Five and The Voice) is apparently in talks to appear on the second season of American Horror Story. Everyone seems pretty psyched about this, but I’m a little skeptical. I’m curious if he can actually act, but the show is so bats&$t crazy that it might be a moot point.
  • Is anyone else watching The River on ABC? It ended its first (and presumably only) season last night. I DVRed the finale (so no spoilers!), but I have to say that the show really improved over the course of its short run. I wonder if the show, which was a paranormal “found footage” show about the quest to find a missing explorer/TV personality who mysteriously disappears in the Amazon, would have done better if it had aired during the summer.
  • Random things I am excited for: The Hunger Games movie, the arrival of my copy of The Muppets Blu-ray yesterday, the Mad Men season 5 preview (FINALLY) on Sunday and the fact that I got tickets (and the time off) to go to opening day at Yankee Stadium in April. Hooray for them all! What pop culture things are making you happy?

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