Pop Culture Odds and Ends – In a Slump Edition

I’m in a bit of a pop culture slump – no movie screenings this week, not much on TV and I’m reading a book that is going to take me a while (Wolf Hall). So while I regroup, here are some pop culture odds and ends to occupy your time:

  • In honor of Andy Griffith’s passing, I finally watched his film debut in A Face in the Crowd. I really liked it and it was definitely a different side of Griffith than people who know him from Matlock or The Andy Griffith Show would be used to. Much darker than Mayberry, but he was excellent and the story holds up very well. The corrupting power of fame is pretty universal. RIP Andy.
  • With all the discussion of the Cruise/Holmes divorce and the role that religion may have played in it, I was reminded of this article from the New Yorker last year about Scientology. Paul Haggis, director and former Scientologist, is interviewed and provides a lot of details about the religion and the organizational structure that were pretty eye opening if all true. It’s on the long side, but I found it interesting.
  • The final book in the Hunger Games trilogy (Mockingjay) will unsurprisingly be split into two movies. I hate when they drag this stuff out.
  • Paste magazine has compiled a list of the 90 best movies of the 90s. I’ve seen 56, which is less than I would have expected though I do have some omissions in my movie watching I am aware of (I’ve never seen Groundhog’s Day, to everyone’s horror).
  • You are all aware of how much I love the Muppets. But now that we have the Cookie Monster version, can we please retire the “Call Me Maybe” parodies? It’s played out at this point.


  • Chumbawamba is calling it quits. Who knew that they had been together for 30 years? That’s a long time to have only produced one hit.
  • As a fan of Superheroes and The Golden Girls, this made me laugh. A lot. I would totally watch this show.


  • Mental Floss has a piece on 17 literary characters that were almost named something else. Pansy O’Hara just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
  • The Wall was great, but I’m still bitter I didn’t get to go to any of the Phish shows last weekend.
  • Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) was honored by his home town of Warren, Ohio with the world’s largest drumsticks. He already has his own alley named after him in the city, which seems like overkill since Grohl didn’t live there very long.
  • I’m digging the new Frank Ocean cd, Channel Orange. It’s available on iTunes or can be streamed on his tublr. It will be released on cd next week. He’s been in the news for his announcement that his first love was a man, but I was actually familiar with him from his work on Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch the Throne.
  • This is a sweet story about Ron Perlman donning the Hellboy costume once again to grant a Make-a-Wish to a six year old with leukemia. I’m kind of surprised that a kid that age would even know who Hellboy is.
  • Run DMC is reuniting at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX in November.
  • I have absolutely no idea why, but I am currently obsessed with this song:

It just puts me in a good mood. I heard it at the Yankee game the other day and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

  • The critics were right – The Newsroom definitely dipped in quality between the pilot and the second episode. Episode three is sitting on my DVR and I’m almost afraid to watch it for fear it will get worse.
  • What do you do to revitalize a city like Detroit? How about open a zombie amusement park? The city isn’t biting, but I’d definitely consider going if it happened.

Based on the blog stats the last couple of days, there aren’t a lot of Pink Floyd or Woody Allen fans out there. I’m always open to suggestions for things to cover or pop culture to try, so feel free to leave ideas in the comments (or on the Facebook link).


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