Pop Culture Odds and Ends – “It’s August Already?” Edition

My goodness – this summer is flying by at warp speed. I can’t believe I’m already making plans for November. I’ve not accomplished half of what I wanted to for the summer. I haven’t visited a single new ballpark or caught up on the programs that I’m considering adding to the fall television rotation. I need to start getting paid for this pop culture consumption; I spent far too many hours at work that could be spent doing more productive things, like reading by the pool and traveling to pop culture destinations. While I figure out how to make that happen, enjoy your biweekly roundup of links and tidbits from the world of pop.

  • Today is a great day – filming on the new season of Arrested Development commences today!!!
  • Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby has been delayed until the summer of 2013. Not usually a good sign for a movie – especially one that is hoping for Oscar consideration – but I’m holding out hope that the film will be good. But I am lowering expectations.
  • My post on my dislike of the Olympics pretty much had the opposite of the intended effect. While in the past the Olympics would only come up occasionally, now people are actively seeking me out – texting and posting on Facebook – to let me know that they are watching the Olympics and why they love it so much. To clarify – I think it’s great that other people like the Olympics; I’m not calling for them to be abolished or think we shouldn’t have them. I just don’t particularly care about them. But I’m happy for the success of the U.S. athletes and I’m glad everyone else gets such a kick out of them. Now stop bothering me 🙂
  • They are efforting a Dawson’s Creek reunion on Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 this season. While I am not particularly a Dawson’s fan, I do love all things Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips, so I would definitely be excited for this. Good timing for Katie Holmes and it’s been a while since anyone has seen Kerr Smith. So I hope they pull this off – especially if they bring back Joshua Jackson. The show should have been called Pacey’s Creek With a Side Order of His Annoying Best Friend Dawson.
  • File this under collaborations that I thought I’d never see: Jessica Paré (Mad Men’s Megan) singing with the Jesus and Mary Chain (who knew they were still together?):


  • As a fan of the HBO show Girls, I enjoyed this parody trailer for Boys (NSFW – adult themes and language). Too bad it’s not a real show; I might actually watch this:


  • Speaking of parodies, I got a kick out of this trailer for the movie Taken if it featured a real dad:

I love my father, but he’s no Liam Neeson.

  • Thank goodness I see so many movies for free – ticket prices are at an all time high.
  • I’ve been intrigued by the idea of Penn Badgley (Dan Humphry on Gossip Girl, aka “Lonely Boy) playing Jeff Buckley in a biopic, but there hasn’t been much news on the project. Some footage of Badgley performing one of Buckley’s songs has surfaced and he does a surprisingly good job. Not bad for the guy who used to date Blake Lively.
  • I’m not usually a huge fan of the Comedy Central Roasts, but I’m planning to DVR the roast of Roseanne that debuts this Sunday (August 12) at 10 pm. I think she can dish it out as well as take it and there are some interesting guests that are scheduled to appear.
  • The feud between Madonna and Elton John that bubbled up around the Golden Globes is still going strong.
  • Best Week Ever is returning to VH1. Comedians across the world rejoice and I now have to figure out where VH1 is on my cable guide.
  • I’ll have my review of The Campaign up on Thursday, but here’s a video of stars Will Ferrell and Zach Galifinakis reading excerpts from 50 Shades of Grey:


  • The Star Wars theme played on a washing machine? Sure – why not:


  • I may be the only person who is excited by this news, but Roy is coming back to The Office this season. I always liked that actor. Of course, it is still to be determined if I will be back. The Office is on my list of bubble shows.
  • The NFL has its first female official. She makes her debut in a preseason game between the Packers and the Chargers.
  • The final season of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations will begin on the Travel Channel on September 3rd.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210’s Brandon Walsh and Andrea Zuckerman (Jason Priestley and Gabrielle Carteris, respectively) have reunited for an Old Navy ad:


  • I’m still watching The Newsroom, though I think it is a flawed show. Perhaps some The Newsroom Bingo will make the experience more fun.
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee continues to be great with its second episode featuring Ricky Gervais. The webseries has proven to be so popular that they will now be uploading new episodes every Thursday night, rather than every other week.
  • And finally – you know you have a great life when you utter the following sentence, as I did last week: “I’m really excited for the two day musical festival and performer meet and greet, but I had to turn down appearing on a reality show to go to it.”

Happy Tuesday!!


2 thoughts on “Pop Culture Odds and Ends – “It’s August Already?” Edition

  1. Um what was the reality show??? And I am excited about the Dawson reunion on don’t trust the B. I really love that show. And why I am not a fan of James V (I also was a Pacey fan) I like him on this show…. Good stuff!!

    • heather7180 says:

      I was curious if anyone would ask. I can’t spill the beans yet – I plan on writing about the show closer to air – but I have friends who are going to be on a HGTV show and I was invited to be in the friends and family group for the big reveal of the makeover. Sadly, I already had awesome plans so I couldn’t go.

      I also like JVB on Apt 23. I’ve come around on him since his Dawson days.

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