Pop Culture Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year! This is the time of year when people reflect on their past and make resolutions for how they want to improve themselves in the coming year. I’ve made the same resolutions that I think most people make – lose weight, get my finances in order, spend more time with the people that are important to me – but because I am who I am, I also have a number of pop culture resolutions for 2013. Some of my resolutions further items on my pop culture bucket list, while others are simply things I want to devote more time to.

In 2013, I want to:

  • Go to at least 3 new MLB stadiums. I was making some real progress toward my ultimate goal of visiting all the stadiums for all 30 of the MLB teams – in only a few years I was able to get almost half of them done – but then I stalled out. I haven’t been to a new stadium on over a year. I’ve covered almost all the stadiums that are easy to drive to in a day, so the level of difficulty has increased. Still, there are some left to do that are reasonably doable – Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh – that I hope to cross of the list in 2013. I’m also efforting taking a road trip to complete some of the stadiums in the Midwest as well that are still outstanding. That’s still more of a question mark, but I’m hoping I can make it happen.
  • Read more books. One of the things that I am most disappointed in myself is that I haven’t made enough time for myself to get some real reading in. I used to be a much more prolific reader, but then I went to graduate school and I lost my drive to read for leisure. I think I read an all-time low number of books in 2012 and I’d like to remedy that situation. So in 2013, I plan to set some time aside every day to read a little for fun. I have an apartment full of books, a Kindle and a tablet – I really have no excuse; I can find a 30 minutes a day somewhere. First up is to finish The Twelve, which I have been trying to get through forever.
  • Go to fewer concerts. I know this seems like an odd resolution, but I spend way too much money on concert tickets relative to what I get out of them. I’ve been to some great shows in the past few years, but I’ve also been to some “meh” shows as well. I need to be more selective in the shows I go to – for example, as much as I love Bruce Springsteen, I probably don’t need to see him a fourth time right away. At this point, I have seen most of the acts that I am really dying to see – except for those elusive Foo Fighters – so it’s time to take a little break. I’m not saying I won’t go to any shows, but I hope to do it less frequently.
  • Go to see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Who knows what the future holds – if Fallon does indeed take over The Tonight Show in 2014 and he does move the show to California, I will kick myself for not taking advantage of the opportunity to see him when he is relatively so close. Of course, that scenario is still something of a long shot – even if he does take over for Leno, the show could still stay in NYC – but it’s a good kick in the pants to get my stuff together and just go see the show already.
  • Watch Deadwood. I’ve had the series DVD set for several years and have started it several times, only to get derailed in my effort to complete is somewhere in the middle of the second season. Because it is such a complex show with a lot of storylines and characters, I always need to start at the beginning every time. So even though the show is only 3 seasons, I still haven’t completed it. I hope to change that in 2013.
  • Keep making the blog better. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done with the blog in 2012, but as we approach its one year anniversary I’d like to keep improving it. I’d love to reach a larger audience and am toying with the idea of creating a Facebook page for the blog and its own twitter account (currently I use my personal accounts for both to publicize it). I also have a few new blog features that I’ve been waiting to unveil that I hope people will enjoy. So in 2013, I hope I can take As Heather’s World Turns to the next level – or at least keep it interesting.

So that’s my pop culture game plan for 2013. I don’t necessarily expect to get everything done – I don’t know that anyone really keeps all their resolutions – but I think that they are at least doable. What pop culture resolutions are you making for the New Year?

2 thoughts on “Pop Culture Resolutions for 2013

  1. javaj240 says:

    I hope you get to finish “Deadwood”. It really is amazing. 3 seasons were not nearly enough. When it got cancelled I got rid of HBO. (A knee jerk reaction, I know, but I was that peeved!)

    I want to see The Killers and Foo Fighters!

    You have inspired me to try to get Jimmy Fallon tix. I have seen all of the other NY late night shows, except for his.

    • heather7180 says:

      I was able to re-watch the first four episodes of Deadwood yesterday, so that is some progress. I’m hoping to knock off a bunch of episodes in the next week or so before new episodes of television resume and eat up my free time. I’ve now seen the first season episodes multiple times, but they are still so great.

      I’d like to see The Killers as well. They are a solid band that I imagine would be great live. But The Foo Fighters are my favorite.

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