Matt Damon Live

I had a less than stellar day at work yesterday and it is so cold in these parts that hell may have actually frozen over, so I called it an early night last night and went to bed early. Thursday wasn’t going to get much better for me and the sooner I went to sleep, the sooner it was over. However, before I turned in for the night I made sure to set my DVR for Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Now, loyal readers know that my late night loyalties lie with another Jimmy, but I do like Kimmel and I’ve been meaning to check out his show now that he’s moved to the earlier time slot and is going head to head with Letterman and my arch nemesis, Jay Leno (and, indirectly Conan, though they only overlap for 25 minutes).  In the perfect world where I get paid to watch television I would probably be a regular viewer, but since I am forced to have a day job until this blog takes off (assuming it takes off) I have to make some tough choices as to what gets my limited time and Jimmy Kimmel is one of those casualties. The few times I’ve seen his show I have been very tickled by it, but a girl has to sleep.

Even though I don’t tune in often I’ve enjoyed Kimmel’s long running “feud” with Matt Damon. Kimmel typically closes his show by apologizing to the actor for bumping him from the show, when of course the actor was never booked on the program. Damon did make an appearance on the show once, but it was the last few seconds of the show when Kimmel announced that they were out of time and Damon barely got to utter a word. The bit continued over the credits, with Matt Damon “freaking out” over being cut:


The long standing beef culminated in one of the funniest videos that I’ve ever seen; when Sarah Silverman (Kimmel’s then girlfriend) was a guest on the program, she confessed to Jimmy that she had something to tell him (video contains swear words that are bleeped out):

I have probably watched that video a hundred times and it cracks me up every single time.

Not to be outdone, Jimmy had his own confession to make a few weeks later (also contains bleeped out swear words):


Through all these shenanigans, Matt Damon has never been an official guest on Jimmy’s show. That all changed last night when he made his first “authorized” appearance. This seemed like such a momentous occasion that I thought this was a good opportunity to finally check out the earlier version of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Based on everything that has transpired between the two of them, I was sure that show would be a lot of fun and something spectacular would happen. Though I haven’t seen the entire show yet, the opening did not disappoint:


Matt winds up hosting the entire show and I really can’t wait to get home tonight and watch the rest of the program (assuming I don’t wind up watch during my lunch hour). I didn’t think it was possible for me to like Matt Damon anymore than I already do, but his participation in all this silliness continues to elevate him in my esteem. He really just seems like the best guy ever. I’d be more than happy to be a stepmother to his kids 🙂

This also served to remind me that I really should be paying more attention to Jimmy Kimmel Live! I don’t know that I’ll have enough time to keep up with it every night, but I really should be occasionally DVRing the show or watching it on Hulu. If this episode is a representation of what the show is capable of, I’ve really been missing out. There may be room for another Jimmy in my late night palate.

If you missed the show, the full episode is available on Hulu or for the next ten days. I’ve also embedded the episode below. Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs Monday-Friday at 11:35.

*****UPDATE******* ABC will re-air this episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday January 29th at 10 pm (ET).

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