Super Bowl Hangover

So that was a weird game, right?

I’m not just referring to the power outage (more on that later), but the whole experience. Super Bowl XLVII seemed to feature a lot of odd play calling and questionable officiating. I didn’t really have a dog in this fight; I was generally rooting for the 49ers because that would make more of my friends happy, but I have no issue with the Ravens and happen to like the city of Baltimore. So in reality, I just wasn’t that invested beyond other people’s happiness. But the consensus as we filed out of the Super Bowl party was that we had witnessed something a little bizarre. Plus a lot of people were really annoyed by that last minute safety, primarily because it really screwed up a lot of people’s gambling.

Of course, the power going out and delaying the game by 30 minutes was a particularly unexpected development. I’ve actually had experience at a game when the power is out; back in 2008 I was at the Buffalo Bills vs. San Diego Chargers game when Ralph Wilson Stadium lost electricity (and what caused this outage? A bunch of balloons got caught in a power line. Seriously – only in Buffalo). They actually played the game (it was a day game) and it was kind of a surreal experience: as a spectator, there was no scoreboard or announcing, so it became much harder to know how many yards were gained on a play. You kind of had to rely on the cheering of the section closest to the play to know what was going on; since the majority of the fans in attendance were Bills fans, you could assume that a cheer was a good thing. We were among the lucky people that were actually inside the stadium. When they lost power, security wisely stopped admitting people into the stadium; many people were stuck outside for the beginning of the game. Thanks to my small bladder and the long lines for the port-a-potties in the parking lot for tailgaters, we were in the stadium well before everything went black. For the players, they had no communication with the coaches and they were relying on the refs to keep time. It was kind of cool and old timey – I referred to it as “Amish football” – but it wasn’t the freaking Super Bowl. The fact that they couldn’t restore power to the Superdome in a timely manner was a pretty big embarrassment; the longer the game was delayed, I imagine the more people that were fired because of it. The stoppage most likely benefited the 49ers, as it interrupted the Ravens momentum. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the 49ers were able to turn their game around after this happened. The second half definitely was a far more exciting competition than the beginning; I was rooting for a competitive game over everything else and they finally delivered that.

But enough about the actual game – let’s talk about the really important stuff.

Jennifer Hudson and the children of Sandy Hook elementary school did a wonderful job during the pregame. It’s kind of weird to be watching Super Bowl festivities and trying not to cry.

I thought Beyoncé and company did a really great job with the halftime show; it was what she does best – lots of dancing and it was visually a lot of fun to watch. Even though I knew it was coming, I was excited when the other members of Destiny’s Child joined her on stage. I was somewhat surprised that this garnered such a reaction from me, as I don’t consider myself a huge fan or the group. But it was what you are looking for in a halftime show; I love Madonna, but Beyoncé did a much better job. I have no idea how she manages to dance around in those heels. I fall flat on my face when I’m wearing sneakers. I appeared to be one of the only people who were engaged with the halftime show, which wasn’t all that surprising because I was also one of the few women there. I don’t know how many guys really dig Beyoncé. My only disappointment was that Jay-Z didn’t join her on stage.

You can watch Beyoncé’s performance here. And following in Madonna’s footsteps, Mrs. Carter announced a new world tour today. I totally want to go.

Because I was in a crowded bar, I didn’t get to hear a lot of the commercials. Most of the ones that I saw I wasn’t super impressed by. I had some appreciation for the Calvin Klein advertisement as it featured a very attractive man, but it wasn’t all that creative. The Coke ads featuring the showgirls and cowboys in particular seemed to confuse people; I heard a lot of grumbling after that one.

The ad of the night, in my opinion, was from Taco Bell:


This spot got the most laughs of the night and people were talking about it after it was over. So based on my limited observations, they won the Super Bowl.

Another favorite was from Doritos:


This Will Ferrell Super Bowl ad for Old Milwaukee (referred to as “Beast” when I was in college) only aired in three cities: Sherman, Texas, Ardmore, Oklahoma, and Glendive, Montana:


An ad for Dunder Mifflin (the fictional company on The Office) aired only in Scranton, PA:


If you missed any of the commericals, or just want to watch some of them again, you can watch them all here.

Despite the name of this post, I didn’t really imbibe last night; I had to be at work this morning and had no desire to feel tired and hung over. It worked out well so I could serve as DD for all my friends who definitely did take advantage of the open bar. Unfortunately, my plans all went awry because my cat Pumpkin kept me up most of the night. He was in a real mood – running around, jumping all over furniture, trying to eat any paper that he could find. My best guess is that he was secretly a Ravens fan and was celebrating. However, this means that even though I was super well-behaved last night, I only got about 4 hours of sleep. That doesn’t really seem fair.

What did you think of the Super Bowl? Were you a fan of the performances? Did you have a favorite commercial? Sound off in the comments below.

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