New webseries – School of Thrones

It’s been a busy week for me this week – the good news is that I’m actually getting paid to write, the less good news is that it is press releases for work rather than on pop culture – but I did want to take a moment to direct everyone’s attention to a promising new webseries that launched this week: the Game of Thrones parody, School of Thrones.

Turns out that all the backstabbing, plotting and obsession with power that makes the HBO series so addictive translates pretty smoothly to the world of high school. Instead of fighting over the Iron Throne and who will become king of all the lands, School of Thrones has slightly lower stakes – electing the new prom king. The families of Game of Thrones are all present, but have been transformed into high school cliques.  The people behind this series are obviously huge fans of Game of Thrones; they have a clear eye for detail and the opening credits for School of Thrones are pretty spot on. High School Joffrey is suitable annoying and smarmy. An added bonus is that the woman who plays Sansa Stark appears to be the same person who plays Lydia on another webseries that I enjoy (but have fallen woefully behind on), The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

The first episode of School of Thrones is already posted and new episodes are slated to be released on Sundays.


I’ll definitely be checking in to see where the series goes and it will help fill the void until new episodes of Game of Thrones debut on Sunday March 30th.

Prom Night is coming…….

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