American Psycho

Busy day for me today, so this seemed like a great opportunity to share this very funny American Psycho parody from the good people at Funny or Die:


I actually preferred the Bret Easton Ellis book to the movie, but Huey Lewis and Weird Al get the tone of the film adaption just right. If you haven’t seen the movie, starring Christian Bale in the title role, is is definitely worth a look. It’s become something of a cult classic. Listen to some Huey Lewis and the News while you are at; they are going back out on tour this summer, though sadly they don’t appear to have any dates near me. I would totally go to that concert. I practically wore out my cassette tape of  Fore! back in the day.

Happy Tuesday!



2 thoughts on “American Psycho

  1. Alex says:

    Jack and Karen (Will and Grace)
    Samantha (Sex in the City)
    King Friday XIII (Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood)

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