Taste the Happy

Everyone loves a three day weekend – even one that is shaping up to be as cold and soggy as this one is. There is an excitement and energy in my office today that is higher than a normal Friday as people look forward to going camping, BBQs or getting away for the weekend. Even the people who don’t have plans are pretty psyched to have a day off from work and the chance to sleep in a little bit later than normal on a Monday morning. Honestly, I may be the most excited of the bunch. I have a cookout with college friends that should be a lot of fun and has partially contributed to my good mood, but the real reason I am giddy with anticipation is something completely different.

After a long wait, new episodes of Arrested Development will start streaming on Netflix on Sunday. And I am just about beside myself with joy. It’s not often that one of your favorite all-time televisions shows is brought back from the dead for new episodes and while I am a little nervous that it can’t possibly live up to the hype, I am so excited to spend some more time with these characters that even my usual glass-half-full mentality can’t dampen my spirits.

Unlike a lot of people who discovered Arrested Development on DVD, I was one of the few hearty souls who were religiously watching the show when in aired live. The ratings weren’t great – hence the cancellation – so there couldn’t have been many of us who were on board from the very beginning. I don’t normally believe in love at first sight, but after my first episode of Arrested Development I was totally a smitten kitten. Finding someone else who watched the show was like finding a kindred spirit. I became a booster for the show, trying to get people to tune in so I could have a little while longer with my beloved Bluth family. If I was financially capable, I would have bought DVDs for everyone I knew to expose them to the show; instead, I did the next best thing and loaned my copies out like I was Blockbuster. I knew if people saw the show they would love it as much as I did and for the most part I was right. A few people were still immune to the charms of the show after I made them watch it, forcing me to secretly judge them for all eternity. The cancelation of Arrested Development is probably the most upset that I’ve ever been about the end of a TV show; I knew that the show hadn’t reached its full potential yet and was being cut down in its prime. It just didn’t seem fair that such a smart and funny show was disappearing when so much dreck was still on the air.

And a short seven years later, it’s finally back and it is getting the fanfare that it should have gotten all along. I’m not at all annoyed with the people who jumped on the bandwagon after cancellation – they are the reason that the show is coming back at all, as it took a vocal and persistent fan base to convince everyone involved that there was a profitable market for the show to make a triumphant return. Plus I’ve never been the type of person who gets annoyed when something that they like becomes popular. I’m just happy that more people get to experience the awesome-sauce. My only fear is that with so many people excited about the new episodes that Netflix’s servers won’t be able to handle the traffic and it will all go down. And if there are new episodes of Arrested Development available and I can’t watch them, it isn’t going to be pretty.

I’m not the only person that is excited – the return of the Bluths has been a cause célèbre among pop culture writers in the last few weeks:

  • Hurwitz also chatted with Rolling Stone and warns that because of the cast’s limited availability, there may be some continuity errors in the new episodes.
  • 18 running gags from the show:


  • How much are the actors getting paid for this revival? The Hollywood Reporter has the answer.


That has always been one of my favorite quotes from the show, as my nickname is T-bone. I now covet this dish towel – a sentence I never thought that I’d write, given my loathing of doing the dishes.

  • Need to catch up on old episodes or just want to relive the magic? IFC has you covered with a marathon on Saturday.
  • Watch a supercut of references to Pop-Pop in Arrested Development and “Pop, Pop” by Magnitude in Community.
  • A supercut of all the chicken dances from the show:


  • Arrested Godfather – two of my favorite things of all time combined!


I swear I am more jazzed about this then a kid at Christmas. The return of Arrested Development may even trump my annual excitement for my birthday, which if you know me puts this in perspective (unlike everyone else who gets tired of birthdays after the age of 10, I still make a big freaking deal out of mine). This is a pop culture dream come true for me and I’ll probably be up at the crack of dawn on Sunday so that I can enjoy the episodes whenever they go live. I’ll probably wait a few weeks to write anything on the new episodes, as I know that not everyone will devour them as quickly as I will. I just hope that they can live up to high quality of the earlier episodes; I don’t want my reaction after watching the new “season” to be “They’ve made a huge mistake.”

New episodes will begin streaming on Netflix on Sunday May 26th. Plan accordingly.

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