The Greatest Event in the History of Telveison – Take Two

One of the more unexpected and deliciously entertaining nuggets of pop culture in 2012 was the Adam Scott/Jon Hamm special The Greatest Event in the History of Television on Cartoon Network. The whole project was shrouded in secrecy; no one had any idea what this was all about or what to expect when it finally aired. With a modest name for the show and a ticking clock that counted down until the special was unveiled, anticipation and curiosity was high as to what exactly these two talented actors had up their sleeve.

The results were glorious, as the project was revealed to be a shot for shot remake of the opening credits of the 80s TV show Simon and Simon. It was so absurd, yet so perfect; they really committed to getting everything right. I cannot tell you how many times I have re-watched the video and it makes me laugh every time. The accompanying behind the scenes vignette was also hilarious. They really absolutely nailed the whole thing.

Cartoon Network obviously agreed as they decided to do several more of these specials with Adam Scott. The second time around, unfortunately, there wasn’t the element of surprise; while with the Simon and Simon version everything about the show was basically unknown (other than the two stars), this time around a lot of info was leaked in advance of last night’s debut. I knew going in that Amy Poehler was his co-star this time around and that they were recreating the opening credits to Hart to Hart. Stills from the shoot were leaked, though I avoided them as best I could. Half the fun the last time was the unexpectedness of the whole thing; I worried that knowing so much beforehand would take a little of the wind out of the sails.

And while I don’t think that this second attempt had quite the magic of the first, I still think it was really, really amusing. I knew that Scott and Poehler work well together from Parks and Recreation and their chemistry was more than evident in their version of Hart to Hart. They are two smart and funny people and when they collaborate it really can’t be anything short of comic gold. I just wish that the network had held a little bit more back about this special; sometimes the less you know about something going in, the better.

Check it out and decide for yourself. The first video is the whole special, including the “pre-show” hosted by Jeff Probst :


And here are just the Hart to Hart credits (juxtaposed with the original credits):


I believe that Cartoon Network and Scott have a few more of these planned. I’d like to humbly suggest that they do One Day at a Time. Adam Scott would make an amazing Bonnie Franklin (R.I.P.), Amy Poehler would nail an imitation of Mackenzie Phillips and I would pay good money to see Jon Hamm do his best Schneider impersonation. The one thing missing from Hart to Hart was mustaches.


I can already picture it. Adam Scott – have your people call my people.


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