The Return of Tebowie

Today = crazy bananas for me, but I couldn’t let the day pass without mentioning the reemergence of Tebowie to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. Thanks to the triple overtime Stanley Cup game, my DVR recording of the episode was all thrown off. Stupid hockey 🙂  Some year I will actually start watching hockey again; I liked it when I watched (and actually grew up getting dragged to going to hockey games) but I need to be prompted to watch by someone else.  History has shown that I won’t do it on my own, which means I guess I have to start dating a hockey fan (I’m OK with that – hockey fans seem like good people).

I have a fondness in my heart for Tebowie, as this character was one of the reasons I decided to give Fallon’s late night show another chance after his rocky start. I saw a clip of it and thought it was so original, clever and clearly played to Fallon’s strengths with music. Tebowie indirectly led to my rediscovering of one of my favorite shows on TV, so anytime he makes a repeat appearance I am happy.

I wondered how long it would take for Fallon to dust off Tebowie once it was announced that Tim Tebow had signed with the Patriots. As a Bills fan, I was just glad that Tebow didn’t come to Buffalo as I feared that he brings too much hoopla and would pose a distraction. The Bills have enough problems; they don’t need a media circus that trails in Tebow’s wake. I am pretty happy that he has remained in the AFC East, as the Bills have had good luck when facing Tebow in the past; they handed Denver one of their few losses in 2011. Plus it will be nice to have something to watch within the division once the Bills are inevitably knocked out of playoff contention sometime in November.

So while I sit in on 250 meetings and conference calls today, enjoy the triumphant return of Tebowie:


One thought on “The Return of Tebowie

  1. This was a splendid show!

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