Philadelphia Hangover

I made an excellent road trip yesterday to Philly to check out a ball game and cross another stadium off my list. This puts me exactly halfway in my quest to see all the Major League Baseball stadiums. The drive took less than 4 hours each way (or should have, if not for some inexplicable hold up on the Jersey Turnpike) and I got to see a fun game between the Phillies and the Dodgers and have a cheesesteak from Tony Luke’s in the process. I was disappointed that I didn’t experience any of the notorious Philadelphia sports fan hostility – these are the people, after all, that booed Santa Claus. If anything, the people I meet during my visit were far nicer than the majority of people that I run into at Yankee Stadium. I was prepared to throw down if I had to, but it was a lovely day (though, in full disclosure, I also did nothing to antagonize anyone. I wore nothing to indicate my sports allegiance and clapped for all good plays regardless of team.)

Nevertheless, driving to Philly and back in 13 hours has left me a little drained today, so my planned movie review will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m exhausted today and having difficulty focusing on one topic. There are, however, plenty of little ideas swirling around in my head today so in lieu of no post today I decided to give you a scatter-shot look at all the pop culture snippets that are rattling around in my sleep idled mind:

  • I think I set a new personal best yesterday – I had some technological issues with my iPod yesterday so I was forced to channel surf on the radio for my entertainment. I heard “Blurred Lines” THIRTEEN times yesterday. If that doesn’t make me sick of the song, I don’t know what will.
  • Last night’s True Blood season finale was completely awful. That was the epitome of lazy writing. None of it made any sense and they completely changed characters’ personalities for story telling convenience. There was absolutely no explanation for much of what happened and they took shortcuts to get themselves out of the corners that they had written themselves into. It’s too bad – I was kind of back on board this season, but that finale came pretty close to ruining the show for me. This may be when I finally bid the show adieu.
  • Breaking Bad, on the other hand, continues to be awesome. I can’t handle that there are only 6 episodes left. Don’t abandon me!
  • I knew that the Buffalo Bills winning two preseason games was too good to be true. The new QB that they drafted just had surgery and we released our kicker, who was the most consistent player on the team. I look forward to my football season being over by the beginning of October once again.
  • It’s not worth a whole blog post, but I watched the movie The Call over the weekend and it was surprisingly not terrible. The ending was kind of ridiculous, but for a movie that was connected to the WWE it was legitimately entertaining. I’m not a Halle Berry fan, but it’s worth a rental. Bonus points for being short – most movies are way too long these days for no good reason.
  • I’ve also caught up on Under the Dome, which hasn’t necessarily gotten better but has benefitted from watching it marathon style. It’s still got a lot of problems, but watching one episode after another means I don’t have time to dwell on them for very long.
  • The bobblehead army gained a new member. Welcome to the fold, Roy Halladay:

2013-08-19 08.22.19


  • It may be time for someone to hold a ticket purchasing intervention on my behalf. I cannot stop buying tickets to various concerts and standup shows in the area. It’s getting out of hand. Thanks goodness the promotion came with a little salary bump to cover these expenses. I need to figure out how to write some of these expenses off as “job related.” I’m excited for all the stuff I’m going to, but I think I’ve lost the ability to rein myself in.
  • I’m very excited to go home after work and not only catch up on my sleep, but watch the Lindsay Lohan/Oprah interview from last night that is sitting on my DVR. Anyone else watch it yet?
  • Someone please make A-Rod go away. Pretty please.

Tomorrow we’ll hopefully be back with your regularly scheduled programming – assuming a nap is in my near future. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Philadelphia Hangover

  1. Laura says:

    I’m very glad you had a good experience in Philly – The old Vet stadium was my stadium growing up -and I have to say that the baseball fans there were FAR nicer than anyone I have ever met at Fenway -and I never rooted for the Phillys =always for the Mets (even in the Darren Daulton days.) Philly rocks! I hope you had a soft pretzel.

    • heather7180 says:

      I did not have a soft pretzel – is that a thing? I was honestly pretty full from the cheesesteak and ice cream (in a helmet, of course). Now that I know how easy it is to get to Philly, I plan to go for a weekend to explore the city. I’ve only been there once before and it wasn’t under good circumstances, so there’s a lot I need to see.

  2. Alex says:

    Surprisingly attractive looking booblehead. Nice eyes. (Ok, I think this must mean I need a boyfriend, fast.)

    I haven’t seem the Lindsay/Oprah thing, but who doesn’t like a good train wreck? I don’t think I could sit through the whole thing though. They both make me nauseous.

    Feel better. Get some sleep. 🙂

    • heather7180 says:

      You didn’t miss much with the Lindsay/Oprah interview. I just watched it and it was pretty meh – nothing earth shattering, just Oprah being judgy. I’ll be more impressed if this sobriety sticks, since they did the interview right after Lohan got out of rehab.

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