Fun Friday – Bill Murray on David Letterman

It’s the Friday before a three day weekend which means that though I am one of the few people who came into the office today, I’m already in vacation mode. I’m getting ready to head out of town (again), but I wanted to kick your Labor Day weekend of with a little fun. So before you enjoy the last real weekend of the summer, check out Bill Murray’s legendary appearance last night on Late Night with David Letterman. Bill was Dave’s first ever guest on his NBC show and then returned to be his first guest when Letterman jumped networks to CBS. To honor the 20th anniversary of his tenure at the Tiffany network, Murray dropped by his friend’s show and pulled out all the stops:

First, he channels Liberace for his entrance:


Murray didn’t arrive empty handed, but had a special anniversary gift for Dave:


He looked for a time capsule he buried:


And then he brought it all home by serenading Dave with a song that you may have heard once or twice:


Doesn’t get much better than that. THAT is how to be a fun late night talk show guest. Happy Anniversary to David Letterman and the rest of you enjoy the holiday weekend!


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