Do You Know Who I Am?

When I was in college, I used to get mistaken a lot for my good friend Brigette. The pledges in our sorority especially seemed to have a hard time with this and would often greet me by the wrong name, which I generally let go because they had enough to worry about. But enough other people made the error that I couldn’t just chalk it up to the stress of pledging. I personally don’t think that we look that much alike, but there are some similarities (we occasionally get mistaken for sisters as well) and we were together all the time so I guess that is what led to the occasional case of mistaken identity. I did note, however, that no one ever seemed to call her Heather, which led me to wonder if people knew that I even existed as a separate entity.

This isn’t a problem just for us common folk; celebrities are also occasionally mistaken for other celebrities. Despite the fact that many of these people live their lives constantly being photographed and having their images up on the big screen or on the television in your home, errors are still made. Ellen DeGeneres recently mistook singer Pink’s husband Cory Hart for Blink-182’s drummer Travis Barker:


Monday, entertainment reporter Sam Rubin was interviewing Samuel L. Jackson and referenced the actor’s recent Super Bowl commercial. The problem? That wasn’t Jackson – it was actor Laurence Fishburne. And believe me, Samuel L. Jackson ain’t got time for that kind of mix up:


Boom! You, sir, have been served.

This got me thinking about other celebrities that are often mistaken for each other and I realized it happens a lot more than I would have thought. I’m so immersed in pop culture that I’d like to think that I am better at this than most people, but I have to admit that there are celebrities that I often confuse as well. Sometimes it is because they look similar and other times it is because they have very similar names. Whatever the reason, these celebrities find themselves with a case of mistaken identity.

Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman


I can understand the confusion on this one – they both have a similar name, a similar appearance and they tend to take similar roles. I thought that I had a better grasp on these two until I took this quiz and realized that I was guessing on a lot of them. So I’m just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to this mix-up

Chris Pine and Chris Evans


I may be the only person who gets these guys confused, which is a total rookie mistake on my part. I really should know better. But there was a brief period of time where I was very impressed that one actor was both Captain America AND Captain Kirk, though I thought that was going to be problematic for scheduling. It was only when I really sat down and really thought about it that I realized that those were two totally different people that I had conflated into one franchise-helming machine. I do think that both actors look similar in a generic leading man sort of way.

Nick Nolte and Gary Busey


This isn’t one that I have a problem with, but I can see how these two actors could be mistaken for one another, especially when they were younger. As they have aged, their physical similarity has become far less pronounced and Busey has evolved to clearly be the crazier of the two.

Jamie Pressly and Margot Robbie


When I saw Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street, I had this nagging feeling that I knew her from something else. Having not watched her television series Pan Am, I wasn’t sure where this feeling of déjà vu was coming from until I saw the above pictures of Robbie and actress Jamie Pressly. The resemblance is startling. I don’t know that I would ever confuse them on screen, but man do they look alike.

Honorable mention: These two actors looks absolutely nothing alike, but I often confuse when I am talking about them are Colin Firth and Colin Farrell. I routinely say the wrong name, which is very confusing to the person that I am talking to since in my head I know exactly who I am referring to, while my audience only has what I am actually saying to go on. In fact, I just made this error yesterday when talking about the new film Winter’s Tale; I am fully aware that this film stars Colin Farrell, but of course I said Colin Firth and had to go back and correct myself. I can’t seem to help myself.

What celebrities do you always mix up? What famous doppelgangers have I missed? Sound off in the comment below.


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