Game of Thrones Cheat Sheet

This post contains spoilers for the first three seasons of Game of Thrones. If you aren’t caught up and you want to be surprised, probably best to skip it.


Game of Thrones is a great, but very  confusing, show – and I say this as someone who as just bragging about being a smart person. With some many families battling it out for the Iron Throne, there are a lot of moving parts and its easy to get people confused or forget plot points. This is especially true if, like me, you have not read the books, since characters will disappear for several episodes only to suddenly resurface. On more than one Sunday, I have found myself rewinding the DVR to try to get the proper context for who a person is and where their alliances lie. Since you never know when a minor character is going to become a major player or when a major player is about to get whacked, everything seems important. I have threatened to hang a white board in my living room so I keep track of everything.  There are a lot of connections.

It appears that I won’t need to make a home decor sacrifice after all, thanks to this handy dandy cheat sheet from Time. This does a pretty good job of keep track of all the madness and the ever changing connections between characters. I may have to blow this up and frame it, though who knows how long some of these tenuous relationships may last. Things move quickly in  Westeros and today’s ally may be tomorrow’s enemy (and vice versa). But for now, this gives me a quick refresher on all the major players and where things stood as season 3 came to a bloody close.


Click on the image to enlarge:




For those of you that only know how to speak in emoji, never fear. There’s a special recap just for you (I particularly liked how they depicted the Red Wedding.):


I guarantee that I’ll still wind up c little confused as season 4 unfolds, but at least I’ll be going into the season on a more solid footing thanks to this cheat sheet. I’m ridiculously excited for the return of Game of Thrones, though I am dreading the fact that “winter is coming.” I’m still not completely recovered from our actual winter.

Season 4 of Game of Thrones debuts Sunday April 6th at 9 pm ET.


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