The Television Purge


It’s been a bloodbath the last 4 days in TV land. This is the time of year when the major networks announce their decisions for the fall schedule and we find out what shows will be returning and which shows have been cancelled. There was a lot of carnage this year, with a fair number of shows that will not continue. Most of these shows I didn’t give much of a hoot about (and apparently not many other people did either), but there a few of these announcements hit home for me. After being so close to fulfilling its destiny of #sixseasonsandamovie, NBC finally dropped the hammer on my beloved Community. This was a show that lived on the cancellation bubble, but I really thought that the show could dodge one more bullet to come back for a sixth season. I know that the show wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I will really miss it (except for that crappy 4th season – I assume we have all agreed to pretend that never happened).

I was also disappointed to see some freshman comedies cancelled, since I thought they all had some real promise. Enlisted debuted in the wasteland that is Friday night, which didn’t indicate a lot of support from the network. So it isn’t really all that surprising to see that the show didn’t make it, despite the critical acclaim the show enjoyed. I am a big Chris Meloni booster and enjoyed the episodes that I saw of Surviving Jack. I had planned to catch up with the episodes I didn’t see over the summer. Same goes for Trophy Wife, which I thought did more with the premise than it really had any right to. I’m bummed that none of these shows found a following, but they don’t compare to the sting that I feel for the end of Community.

Amidst all the cancellation news, some shows also announced that they would be coming back for one final season. Both Parks and Recreation and Parenthood will end their runs next year, the latter with a 13 episode pickup to wrap up the story of the Bravermans. Cougar Town over at TBS is also coming to an end after the next season. Sons of Anarchy over at FX is also rumored to be ending after its next season. It appears that I will soon have a lot of holes in my television schedule.

NBC and FOX have already revealed their Fall schedules (Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Sundays? Really?) and presumably CBS and ABC will soon follow. So there’s been a lot of TV news in the last 72 hours. If you want to find out the fate of your favorite shows, I’ve compiled all the cancellations below. This is the kind of list that you don’t want to be on.







Growing Up Fisher,


The Michael J. Fox Show


Sean Saves the World

Welcome to the Family



The Assets

Back In The Game


Killer Women

Lucky 7

Mind Games


The Neighbors

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland


Super Fun Night

Trophy Wife



Bad Teacher

The Crazy Ones

Friends With Better Lives



We Are Men



Almost Human



Raising Hope


Surviving Jack


The CW

The Carrie Diaries


The Tomorrow People



Men at Work


R.I.P. shows – some of you were gone too soon (but most of you were not).

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