Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Feedly Down Edition

I’m beginning to think that I just wasn’t destined to put out a roundup this week. Yesterday, the website Feedly was held for ransom by some hackers, so the site and app were down all day. That’s pretty crappy regardless, but Feedly is the tool I use to compile all of the links that I then use for these posts. Of course, had I done the roundup on Wednesday as I usually do, this wouldn’t have been an issue. So I spent last night recreating a week’s worth of work, going back and trying to find all the nuggets that I had cultivated in the last seven days. I think I found most of what I wanted to cover, but I know that I missed a few things that I wanted to share. Oh well – not the end of the world. I’m just really glad to have Feedly back; I really do rely on in to keep me current.

This week’s odds and ends beat the odds to actually get done, so hopefully it was worth the extra work. As usual, if you have any suggestions of links that you’d like to see included in the next roundup, feel free to pass them along. For now, kick back and relax and get caught up on all things pop.

  • Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell may do another movie together. I like it when Walhberg is in movies that are intentionally funny.
  • Jimmy and Winnie Fallon are on the cover of People:


  • I like how Chris O’Dowd handles losing a Tony:

  • Killer Joe and To Live and Die in LA are being adapted for television. I really liked Killer Joe, but I have absolutely no idea how they could show that on TV.
  • Well, I think my vacation plans have just been made for me – the St. Louis Cardinals are hosting Jon Hamm night in August (including a bobblehead giveaway!).


  • “Turn Down For What” is one of my jams right now, so I totally dug these kitties enjoying the song:


  • Dave Chappelle discussed leaving Chappelle’s Show on Letterman Tuesday night:


  • I don’t want to alarm anyone, but this True Detective graffiti popped up in London:


The Sun King lives!

  • This website has some very cool artwork created from scrap bike parts:


  • I really hope that this grows back – I am not a fan of bald Wolverine:

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Blackbeard is born. #PAN

A post shared by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

  • Angelina Jolie says that a key scene in Maleficent is a “metaphor for rape.” I’m wondering what Disney thinks about that.


  • Napoleon Dynamite turned 10 years old this week; the cast reunited to celebrate and unveil a statue:


  • Ryan Murphy is honored as a genius at the Critic’s Choice TV Awards. I don’t think that word means what they think it means.





  • A new trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For:


  • The Penguins of Madagascar:


  • The trailer for Dumb and Dumber To debuted this week on The Tonight Show:


  • The Boxtrolls:


  • Ratchet and Clark:


  • A trailer for the new Wii U game Mario Maker:


  • A red band trailer for FX’s Married:


  • Scarlett Johansson in Lucy:


  • A teaser trailer for Sharknado 2:


  • Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis star in Are You Here:


  • James Franco and Seth Rogen in The Interview:


  • Nicolas Cage backstage at a Guns N Roses concert, wearing a Nic Cage t-shirt:

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Mr Nicolas Cage and Mr Andrew Dice Clay

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  • Bill Murray crashed a couple’s engagement photo. This dude is winning at life.


  • Is it possible that in the new film that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not teenagers?
  • RJ Mitte pays tribute to his TV dad Walter White for Father’s Day (Breaking Bad spoilers):


  • People in the know are aware that I have a crush on Yankee 1st baseman Mark Teixeira, but even I didn’t know that he has a fake talk show (or that he was actually kind of funny).

As always, we end with mashups and supercuts:

  • The Game of Thrones theme done Dixieland Jazz style:


  • A compilation of penis nicknames from movies:


  • Mean Girls as an 8-bit video game:


  • The first five minutes of 10,000 films in one YouTube video:


  • A compilation of all the slow motion shots in Wes Anderson films:


  • This trailer imagines what would happen if Michael Bay directed a Beavis and Butthead movie:


  • The Legend of Zelda gets the Game of Thrones treatment:


  • Here’s a vintage cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity:”


  • What if 50 Cent took over Angelina Jolie’s role in Maleficent:


  • These Game of Thrones/Disney mashups find a lot of similarities between the two universes:



  • Check out this Terminator 2 remake in Grand Theft Auto 5:


  • Disney meets Doctor Who:
Stephen Byrne Facebook page

Stephen Byrne Facebook page

  • And finally, see Sir Mix-A-Lot perform “Baby Got Back” with the Seattle Symphony:

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