Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Time Keeps On Slipping Into The Future Edition

Whoa – how is it the 4th of July weekend already next week? When I bought tickets to see Beyonce and Jay Z in Philly on July 5th, that seemed so far away and yet it is almost here. This summer is flying by way too fast; before it has even really begun, I feel like it’s almost over. Perhaps this happens every summer or perhaps it is a side effect of being way too over-scheduled, but I really need summer to slow down a bit so I can relax and really enjoy it. Or maybe I just need to slow down and enjoy it. In the words of the great philosopher Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. ”

So while I contemplate stopping to smell the roses a bit more, take a break and relax with this week’s pop culture round up. Lots has happened in the past week, so if you were off watching the World Cup – don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

  • However, Paul posted this photo on Instagram, so all is forgiven:

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Hands down the greatest photo of all time.

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  • Watch Jimmy Fallon and Pitbull play giant Duff beer pong:


  • This flowchart determines whether you would survive in Game of Thrones.
  • Dear Lord – even Pearl Jam isn’t safe from Frozen– mania:
  • Katy Perry offered to write a theme song for Hillary Clinton; Clinton responds:


  • Ben Affleck has BULKED UP for Batman:


  • Jerry Seinfeld decided that his webseries needed a theme song. He was wrong:


Hunger game

  • This guy’s Game of Thrones impressions are pretty good:


  • This honest trailer for Forrest Gump is pretty spot on:



 The Battered Bastards of Baseball (this looks great!):


  • A new trailer for Tammy:


  • The latest trailer for The Purge: Anarchy:


  • Yet another look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:


  • Mira Sorvino in the BBC series Intruders:


  • Viggo Mortensen in The Two Faces of January:


  • The second trailer for James Gandolfini’s final film, The Drop:


  • A documentary about Cristiano Ronaldo that is narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch? I’m surprised the Internet still works:


  • A red band trailer for FX’s You’re The Worst:


  • Simon Pegg in Hector and the Search for Happiness:


  • John Lithgow and Alfred Molina get married in Love Is Strange:


  • Michael Fassbender as Frank:


  • Reese Witherspoon in The Good Lie:


  • Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge:


  • Kevin Hart and Josh Gad in The Wedding Ringer:


  • Aubrey Plaza in About Alex:


  • Fury with Brad Pitt:



  • Watch Jennifer Connelly audition for Labyrinth:



As always, we end with the supercuts and mashups

  • The best moments from the Comedy Central roasts (NSFW):


  • In honor of Wilfred kicking off its final season tonight, here’s a supercut of Wilfred’s bad advice:



  • Sesame Street meets True Blood:


  • Here is an (unnecessarily) long supercut of prizes given away on Double Dare:


  • A Star Wars trailer done in the format of Guardians of the Galaxy:


  • Another supercut of TV catchphrases:


  • A supercut of all the on-screen deaths on Game of Thrones (OBVIOUSLY CONTAINS SPOILERS):


  • Breaking Bad Mr. Men:



  • A mashup of Pharell’s “Happy” and Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”


  • And finally…the Brady Bunch meets Game of Thrones:

One thought on “Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Time Keeps On Slipping Into The Future Edition

  1. Jen Jen says:

    Guardians of the Galaxy fascinates me as a fan and also as a Sociologist. I’m a big fan of Marvel so I’m interested in how the movies will present the story. The movie comes out in August which is the armpit of summer movies so I don’t have huge expectations.

    However, the most fascinating part to me is how the studios are trying to sell the story. I’ve seen 3 different trailers: the first one felt corny, the second was a little better but then the third (UK’s second trailer) definitely has a Marvel feel to it. It was like the ratings came back poor and the advertisers were like “JK. LOL. We’re really like all those others movies that you paid a bunch of money to see!” After watching them a few times, I realised that the trailers all have similar clips- it’s the music that gives it a different feel. Also, apparently what people want from Marvel is the same formula just told by different characters.

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