Lip Sync Battle – The Voice Edition

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There’s no other way to say it – yesterday was a tremendously shitty day for me. I had one of those days where nothing really seems to go your way and you wind up questioning your abilities and judgment. It was simply not a great 24 hours and by the time I got home from work last night I was truly and utterly defeated. A pep talk from a friend helped restore some of my confidence, but as I continued my marathon of The Roosevelts I still was all sorts of melancholy.

So, of course, Jimmy Fallon knew exactly what I needed to put a smile temporarily back on my face – a lip sync battle!

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy these segments on The Tonight Show and I’m glad that they are using them sparingly; I don’t know that I would ever actually tire of them, but I like that these bits are an unexpected surprise. Since I’ve been struggling with insomnia all this week due to stress – I’ve managed about 12 hours of sleep over the last 4 days – I’ve been able to watch my late night shows live rather on DVR at a later date, so I was able to experience the awesomeness that is an unexpected lip sync battle first hand. It snapped me out of my wallowing for a bit and was just what the doctor ordered. I don’t watch The Voice regularly and I’m lukewarm at best to Gwen Stefani, but she and Blake Shelton did a fabulous job, so kudos to them. “Call Me Maybe” is a guilty pleasure of mine, so that only increased the awesomeness of this whole endeavor in my opinion. I’m thankful to anything that gives me some reprieve from feeling awful; I’ll even forgive Stefani for her butchering of my pal Colbert’s name at the Emmys after this. Shelton is a regular guest on The Tonight Show and proves that once again he is game for anything.

Check it out for yourself:


John Krasinski’s lip sync will always be my favorite because he was first and because I have *ahem* strong feelings for Mr. Krasinski, but Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were more than admirable combatants. Actually, they have yet to have a lip sync battle that wasn’t great. Let’s hope the streak continues.

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