Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Farewell to the Captain Edition


Tomorrow night I’ll be making the pilgrimage to the Yankee Stadium for what is most likely Derek Jeter’s last home game of his career. Unless the Yankees suddenly go on some sort of crazy winning streak, the chances that they’ll make the playoffs are pretty slim. So tomorrow will be our chance to say goodbye to Jeter after nearly two decades in pinstripes.

People who don’t know anything about sports know how Derek Jeter is; the Yankee shortstop kind of transcended sports and his retirement marks the end of an era. It’s become really rare for a player to stay with one team for their entire baseball career and Jeter has made a name for himself not only for his plays on the field bur for his off-field conduct as well. Jeter was never my favorite player on the Yankees, but I’ve always respected him and loved having him on the team I passionately root for. I was skeptical that his retirement would break my heart as much as Mariano Rivera’s last year, but as we close in on that final game I find myself far more affected than I first predicted. When he runs off the field for the last time as an active player, there will be tears. And I won’t be the only one – not by a long shot.

But you know what has helped take my mind off this pending milestone – working on the pop culture roundup. As always, I’ve scoured the web to catch you up on some of the pop culture that you might have missed in the last seven days. Pop culture never retires. Thank God for that.

Just a reminder that my fundraising campaign for the Children’s Tumor Foundation is winding down, but there is still time to make a donation to support the blog and a great cause.

And now…on to the pop culture madeness……..

  • Jimmy Fallon had some surprise guests drop by The Tonight Show on his 40th birthday:


  • I know absolutely nothing about Dancing with the Stars, but I do enjoy Alfonso Ribiero “Getting Jiggy Wit It”


  • Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur movie has found its Guinevere. She joins Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba, which means that there is a 100% chance I’m seeing this movie. #swoon
  • New music from Kendrick Lamar. Yay!


  • A bunch of celebrities have teamed up for a PSA about sexual assault:


  • Kanye is teaching a class at L.A. Trade Technical College. I wonder if he is on RateMyProfessor.com

Time for some trailers….

  • The red band trailer for The Interview has arrived:


  • Another ten second teaser for Better Call Saul:


  • The new season of South Park debuts tonight:


  • The American Horror Story: Freak Show teasers just keep rolling in:


  • Colin Firth in Kingsman: The Secret Service:


  • Amy Adams in Tim Burton’s Big Eyes:


  • A trailer for season 5 of The Walking Dead:


  • Peter Dinklage in Low Down:


  • Men, Women & Children international trailer:


  • This infographic tells you how long it takes to read popular books. You’ll need 60 hours to read the Harry Potter series.
  • Apparently the women from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants still hang out:


  • Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have releasednew songs from the Gone Girl soundtrack:


  • This sounds like it should be made up – a burglar broke into a Game of Thrones fan’s house and was stabbed with a spear.
  • When you don’t know the Final Jeopardy! question, going with a Cheers reference is a solid move:


  • Vin Diesel with a beard kind of freaks me out:

Photo from Vin Diesel’s Facebook page


Also unsettling – a vintage photo of AC/DC in swimsuits


As always, we end with the supercuts and mashups

  •  A ballet company has choreographed a performance to the Game of Thrones theme:


  • Ellen has a little fun with Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercial:


  • A rap battle for the ages – Snow White vs. Frozen’s Elsa:


  • Watch 236 episodes of Friends in 236 seconds:



  • More pop culture inspirational posters; this time it’s Andy Dwyer quotes:


  • A supercut of people saying “Shove it up your ass” in movies:


  • And finally, Boardwalk Empire opening credits recreated in Grand Theft Auto V:

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