Pop Culture Elections

So I was halfway through writing a blog post in honor of Election day when I realized I’d already written basically the same post two years ago. I knew that was a great idea! What I wrote then basically still applies, so enjoy this blast from the past.

As Heather's World Turns

As you are more than aware, today is Election Day. While I think that it is very important that people exercise their right to vote, I’ll honestly be glad when this whole thing is over. This election has exhausted even this political scientist. So much vitriol. I’m ready to be done with it.

In honor of today, I thought about campaigns and elections in pop culture and was surprised at the number of examples I could come up with; apparently it is a much more frequent plot device than I anticipated. Perhaps people prefer the drama and potential comedy of elections that feature fictional characters and no real consequences. So if you want a break from today’s election coverage, check out some of my favorite instances of pop culture campaigns and elections.

  • Election (1999)

I.LOVE.THIS.MOVIE. Election is a great black comedy about a high school election for student body president…

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