Pop Culture I’m Looking Forward To In 2015

The beginning of a new year is a time when a lot of people are reflective and think back on the last 365 days. Not only do people consider things about their lives that they would like to change, but this is when we see a plethora of “Best of” lists that highlight what the previous year had to offer. But the beginning of a new year is also a nice time to look forward and see what exciting things are on the horizon. For me, sometimes the anticipation is almost as much fun as the actual event; I’m a person who always likes to have something to look forward to. Knowing that there is something that you want to see/read/hear/do makes the not so great days more manageable.

As it stands now, 2015 looks like it will be a quite promising year for pop culture. Of course, there are always things that will pop up later in the year that are exciting, but as of now, these are the things that I am personally looking forward to in 2015:



  • Not giving a crap about Fifty Shades of Grey or Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – being a contrarian is fun and I can honestly say that I plan to give absolutely zero hoots about either of these movies that a lot of people are looking forward to. As of now, I have no plans to see either one of them. I hated the Fifty Shades of Grey books and the idea of sitting in a movie theater watching this movie with a bunch of revved up housewives does not sound appealing to me at all. I might have made an exception if Charlie Hunnam was still starring, but once he left the cast I lost all interest. I’ve never been into Star Wars and only saw the original trilogy pretty recently (I was unimpressed), so I just don’t have any interest in the new film or any stake in how it turns out. I’m sure both of these films will get a lot of attention when they come out, but I plan to be blissfully unaware.




  • Avengers: Age of Ultron – I am, however, very excited for the new Avengers movie. I’m a sucker for just about anything Marvel –related on the big screen and while I have really enjoyed some of the more recent individual movies in this universe – Captain America: Winter Soldier was a particularly strong entry – I always like when they get the gang back together in one film. The cast has great chemistry together and there are many interesting dynamics to play around with. I would be psyched for this movie anyway, but the addition of James Spader to the mix puts my excitement level off the charts.




  • The return of Community – I never in a million years that Community would actually make it to six seasons, but this is the little show that could. It may have jumped ship from NBC to Yahoo and the returning cast may be trimmed down, but I actually think that both these developments are good things. A streamlined cast means that they don’t have to make as much effort to service all the characters and this was a show that was built for an internet audience. As someone said, Community was always a web series that was just never on the web. Now that it has freed itself from the shackles of a disinterested network, I’m anxious to see what direction Dan Harmon takes the show in. It may be a disaster, but there is no way that it could be worse than season 4.




  • The end of Mad Men – I’m not necessarily happy that one of my favorite shows is ending its run – not seeing Jon Hamm on a regular basis is never a good thing – but it probably is time. This show has been so great for so long that I’m interested to see how they stick the landing. I really have no idea how the story of Don, Peggy, Pete, Joan and company will wrap up or what I would consider emotionally satisfying, but I have complete faith in Matthew Weiner to bring it all home in an interesting and compelling manner. However Mad Men ends its run, I suspect that it will be an enjoyable ride to the finish line.




  • U2, Foo Fighters and Jack White – I’m trying to cut down on the number of concerts that I go to this year – as a nod to both fiscal responsibility and my general exhaustion – but there are three high profile shows in 2015 that I am very excited to be attending. U2, Foo Fighters and Jack White are all on my bucket list of people that I’ve been wanting to see play live and it certainly looks like I’ll be doing all three this year. If I can squeeze in a Garth Brooks show, I’ll be close to finishing my list.




  • New Music from Adele – I don’t know for certain that we’re getting a new album from Adele, but there sure are a lot of hints indicating that we will. Hopefully the rumors are true and we’ll get what I presume will be 25, if she follows the themes of her previous albums. I have no idea how you top the perfection that was 21, but if anyone could do it I think Adele can.

So how about you – what are you mist looking forward to in 2105? Let us know what pop culture that you are eagerly anticipating in the comments.


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