Light My Fire


This Saturday my friends and I decided to mix things up and have a dinner party. We all get together every Sunday to watch football together and for various nights out and parties throughout the year, but we thought we’d start a new tradition with dinner parties. Our friend “Chef” volunteered to prepare the meal at someone’s house; I was looking forward to the evening since I’d been under the weather for the last days and hadn’t done much of anything but sleep. I was ready to rejoin the world and enjoy some good food with good friends. I did, however, have a sense that something was going to go awry – I figured that either we’d be short chairs or the food wouldn’t be timed right or there just wouldn’t be enough of it. Feeding 13 people with various dietary restrictions isn’t easy. I’ m not much of a chef and had already warned everyone that when it was my turn to host I was most definitely ordering in from a restaurant. That would make everyone happy.

So I was nowhere near the kitchen while Chef was prepping our dinner. I was out in the living room, quite content and chit-chatting with some of the other guests. I had a clear view of the kitchen door from my spot on the couch, so I was the only person who saw the wall of fire that suddenly flared up. This was particularly problematic since the stove was not in my line of vision. This was followed by a lot of commotion in the kitchen and a loud bang, followed by a lot of expletives. A giant grease fire had ignited in the oven that actually shot up and over Chef. The hostess acted quickly and kicked the oven door closed, which then set of a chain reaction so that the main course fell off the stove and on to the floor. It all happened so quickly and most other people in the living room didn’t really know what was going on. Had I not seen the flames I might have thought that there was some hyperbole to the story, but we were very lucky that no one was hurt and that there was no property damage. It’s a miracle that Chef’s hair wasn’t singed in the process, but he was fine. Once everyone calmed down, we did what we do best – made a lot of jokes about it and then made do with desserts in place of the main course. We are resourceful people.

So in honor our exciting brush with being engulfed in flames and to celebrate the best possible outcome, today’s blog theme is songs that are related to fire. Any one of these could have been our theme song on Saturday night.

  • “Burning Down the House” – Talking Heads


  • “Fireball” – Pitball


  • “Girl on Fire” – Alicia Keys


  • “We Didn’t Start the Fire” – Billy Joel


I’m honestly surprised that something like this didn’t happen:


  • “Ring of Fire” – Johnny Cash



  • “I’m on Fire” – Bruce Springsteen



  • “The Flame” – Cheap Trick



  • “Fire” – The Jimi Hendrix Experience



  • “Fight Fire with Fire” – Metallica



  • “The Unforgettable Fire” – U2



  • “Man on Fire” – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros



  • “Firestarter” – The Prodigy



  • “Light My Fire” – The Doors



  • “Grease” – Frankie Valli


Honestly, I’m not sure how we’re going to top this for our next dinner party. Maybe we’ll deep fry a turkey and really take our chances.



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