Friday Fun – A Shaggy-Off on The Tonight Show


One of the more random recurring bits on The Tonight Show is the fact that Jimmy Fallon’s announcer and sidekick, Steve Higgins, can do a pretty spot-on impression of the Jamaican singer Shaggy (not to be confused with the Scooby Doo character of the same name). Shaggy hasn’t really had a hit song since the early 2000s so it’s not the most current person to do an impression of, but Shaggy has such a distinctive voice and Higgins does such a solid job or recreating it that it is always funny whenever they trot it out, even if it is a little obscure and not necessarily a hot pop culture commodity at the moment.

Last night, they decided to finally catch in on what had previously been a mostly throw-away joke by actually having Shaggy on The Tonight Show and have him engage in a competition with Higgins to see who did the best Shaggy voice. It would have been tough for Shaggy to lose a “Shaggy-off” – I’d hate to think that there is someone out there that can do a better version of me than me – but Higgins definitely keeps it competitive:


The best part is what a kick Shaggy seems to be getting out of the whole thing. Watching Higgins impersonate him cracks Shaggy right up.

I’m guessing this is the most mileage that they are going to get out of this one obscure talent possessed by Higgins; I don’t expect the Shaggy impression to disappear completely, but this is probably the pinnacle of this particular bit. But it certainly paid off.

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