Trailer Thursday – The Hateful Eight


Like most children, I used to eagerly count down the days to my birthday. Though my birthday is in September, I’d start the countdown in March when my “half-birthday” occurred and there were only six more months until the glorious festivities. I always liked my birthday more than even Christmas, since your birthday was a celebration of you that you didn’t really have to share with everyone else. It was the one day out of the year when you got to feel super-duper special and the anticipation of the day was almost as much fun as the actual day. This giddiness carried over with me to adulthood; even when I was well past the normal age of being excited about my birthday, I still was. It wasn’t really until I had a string of some kind of crappy birthdays in the last few years that my enthusiasm finally dissipated. I’m probably now more in sync with how other adults feel about their birthdays, but it still makes me a little sad since my birthday was the one of the few things that I allowed myself to have unbridled enthusiasm about; I’m always managing expectations so as to avoid disappointment and this was one area where I didn’t do that.

Another area where I don’t bother trying to manage expectations – Quentin Tarantino movies.

They way I used to feel about my birthday is the way that I still feel about the arrival of a new Tarantino film. Three years ago I was counting the days until December 25th – not because it was Christmas, but because Django Unchained was coming out. I think I’ve seen every recent Tarantino movie the day that it has come out in the theater because I just can’t wait after months (or years) of anticipation. I’ve been anxiously waiting for The Hateful Eight since the project was confirmed, wishing my life away so I can finally see it. Every bit of casting news, every rumor about the production I have anxiously goggled up. And now, there’s been another exciting development – we finally have a trailer:


Only four more months until I can finally see this thing!

The Hateful Eight will be released December 25, 2015 in select theaters.

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