Back on the DL


The blog is on an unexpected hiatus this week because I apparently can’t keep myself from getting injured. In the last six weeks I have weathered a sprained ankle, inflammation of both my eyes and now I have a fractured fibula and am laid up with a cast and crutches. There isn’t even a good story behind this latest affliction; there was no falling down the stairs on a blaze of glory like last time. I’m beginning to think that Stephen Colbert is actively trying to prevent me from seeing him – the first accident was on my way to see him do a secret taping and now I’m going to have to miss the taping of The Late Show that I had tickets for. Maybe I did something when I went to see The Colbert Report that got me red flagged.

2015-09-29 16.15.45

This is not how I expected this week to go, especially since I was supposed to be on plane to Vegas tomorrow for a mini-vacation to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I’ve been too busy this week trying to figure out how to get around and basically take care of myself given my current situation to spend much time blogging, but hopefully posts will resume next week.

Until then….have a great weekend.

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