Pop Culture Odds and Ends – One and Done Edition

Well that was quick – one game and the Yankees are out of the playoffs. I can’t say that I’m necessarily surprised, as the Yankees have been playing terrible baseball as of late. They really got about as far as they really deserved to, given their recent lackluster play, but I’m still a little bummed that they couldn’t make it farther. It’s always bittersweet when your team’s baseball season comes to an end. I’ll still watch the rest of the playoffs – I’m currently pulling for the Mets and Cubs – but it isn’t quite the same.

After a week off, we’re back with the pop culture roundup. As usual, I’ve scoured the pop culture globe to find you the best that the Internet has to offer. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in this week’s roundup, so get yourself caught up on some of the stories that you might have missed.

  • HBO and Zack Snyder are in talks for a Watchmen TV series. I’d be more excited if Snyder wasn’t involved.
  • Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel go to couples therapy:



  • There was a surprise mini The Wire reunion in NYC:


  • Khalessi and Khal Drogo also reunited:


Time for some trailers…..

  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II:


  • Bryan Cranston in Trumbo:


  • Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant:


  • The return of The X-Files:


  • Bradley Cooper in Burnt:


  • Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival:


  • A new season of FX’s Fargo:


  • Krysten Ritter in Asthma:


  • The Good Dinosaur:


  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones (on Netflix):


  • Dianna Agron in Bare:


  • Triple 9:


  • The final trailer for Spectre:


  • Another teaser for tonight’s American Horror Story: Hotel:


  • Anthony Jeselnik’s new Netflix special, Thoughts and Prayers:


  • The Jellies, an animated series from Tyler the Creator:


  • HBO’s Vinyl:


  • John Stamos and Julianne Moore star in a Taylor Swift soap opera:


  • Honey Boo Boo released a rap song:


  • Check out the Doctor Who LEGO set:


  • The Rock had to put down his new puppy Brutus 😦

Another reminder we have to live and love as greatly as we can today, because tomorrow is never guaranteed. At approximately 11:15pm last night myself and @laurenhashianofficial had to make the painful decision to end Brutus' suffering by taking him off of life support and sending his soul to pup heaven. I held his lil' paw as he was finally at peace. As all puppies and dogs do, he ate a mushroom while playing outside with his brother Hobbs. This mushroom happened to have a lethal toxicity and within hours it was rapidly destroying his liver and immune system to the point of no return. I encourage all of you out there to be mindful of mushrooms in your yards, parks or anywhere outside your dogs play. What looks innocent, can be deadly to your lil' family members. Thank you Dr. Deckelbaum and Dr. West and the incredibly caring nurses and staff at The Animal Medical Center At Cooper City. We'll always love you Brutus.. and you'll always be my lil' main man and rough housing Brute. #RIPBrutus #WishICouldHaveSavedYouOneMoreTime #TheresPickUpTrucksInHeavenYouCanPeeIn

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  • Catherine Coulson, the Log Lady on Twin Peaks, passed away.

As always, we end with the supercuts and mashups…..

  • A mashup of two things people haven’t thought about in a while: Rockwell and Quantum Leap:


  • Matt Damon recreates his most of his film career in eight minutes:


  • Florence + the Machine cover “Where Are U Now”:


  • A Star Wars/Disney mashup:


  • James Franco does a mashup of Freaks and Geeks and Saved By The Bell:


  • Will Smith’s greatest hits…all played at once:


  • Ed Sheeran covers “Ain’t No Sunshine”:


  • Yeezer (Kanye meets Weezer):


  • Here’s Peggy Hill singing a little Nicki Minaj:




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