Rumor Has It – New Music From Adele


This kind of goes without saying at this point, but I’ve been to a lot of concerts. This year alone I was able to cross three acts off my bucket list – Foo Fighters, Jack White and U2 – and while I’m sure my concert-going days are not behind me, I’m beginning to run out of artists that I feel like I HAVE to see live. You know – those bands or singers where experiencing them live is a transformative experience that greatly exceeds just listening to them at home.

Adele is definitely at the top of my list.

I discovered Adele slightly before she hit it big with 21 and pretty quickly became obsessed with her music. Her voice was so powerful and her songs were so mature and heartfelt that it was easy to forget that she is as young as she is.  It’s been a long wait for fans as she hasn’t released any new music since she did the Skyfall theme song back in 2012; every year, rumors of a new album would percolate only to lead to inevitable disappointment when no new music arrived. A new Adele album was like waiting for the Great Pumpkin – a lot of anticipation with no actual resolution. The rumblings about a new music from Adele came back stronger than ever in 2015 and despite the assurances that this time there would really be a new album, I remained a little skeptical. At lest until yesterday, when a teaser of a new song debuted during a commercial break of The X-Factor (UK).

It’s less than 30 seconds and yet that is enough to tide me over for a while and reassure me that whenever the new album drops (rumored to be in November), Adele’s trademark sound and vocals will be the same. Hopefully we’ll get some more teases as the probably release date approaches, but even if this is all that we get for a while it’s just nice to hear something new.

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