Happy 25th Anniversary Home Alone, Ya Filthy Animal


Growing up, my brother and I didn’t voluntarily do all that many things together. Since we are six plus years apart in age and different genders, there just wasn’t a ton of overlap in our interests. It probably didn’t help matters that I kind of resented him for being born and blowing up my spot as an only child. So it was the rare occasion when we found some common ground and could tolerate each other’s company enough to actually want to hang out (Side bar: as adults, we actually get along really well).

One thing that we both enjoyed was the movie Home Alone; we probably liked very different things about it, but it made us both laugh and was something that we could actually agree on. I probably liked the idea of having an entire house to myself, while my brother may have been more amused by all the people falling down and comical injuries.  Plus I could appreciate Kevin’s attitudes about ice cream:


Whatever we liked about it, it was a movie that we could both sit down to watch and there would be relative peace in the household during its run. In fact, we enjoyed Kevin McAllister’s battles with the Wet Bandits so much that we made the unprecedented move of going to see Home Alone 2 in the theater together. That marked the first time just the two of us went to the theater, an event that wouldn’t happen again for nearly twenty years.

I don’t think that I’ve watched Home Alone in its entirety in a very long time, but if I come across it on basic cable I’ll stop and watch at least until the next commercial break. I can’t hear Brenda Lee’s “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” without thinking of the scene from the movie where that song was prominently featured. I’m not even sure that Home Alone is even that good of a movie, but it hits all the right notes of nostalgia that I have fond memories of it. And really, how can you not love a scene like this:


I’ve even considered buying this Home Alone-inspired ugly Christmas sweater, in case I’m ever invited to an ugly sweater party.

In honor of this anniversary, lots of people on the web are taking a moment to write about Home Alone:

I’m curious if Home Alone holds up at all today. I’m guessing my fondness for the movie would soften any faults that I see through the eyes of an adult. Maybe I should give my brother a call and see if he wants to watch it.



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