Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Walk This Way Edition

This week, I started walking for the first time in 8 weeks without the aid of crutches. It’s been a very exciting development for me, since that means that I’m getting close to being fully recovered and regaining some of the freedom that I’ve had to relinquish since I broke my ankle in September. I’m not completely out of the woods yet – I still have pain in my hamstring and calf that makes walking sporadically painful, but hopefully my continued physical therapy will address those issues. For now, it’s just nice to know that if I want to walk to the kitchen to get a drink of water, it is no longer the big ordeal that it used to be. I’m even optimistic enough to plan a trip to NYC in a few weeks; fingers crossed that isn’t a mistake.

With the holiday last week, it’s been kind of a slow pop culture week. That doesn’t mean, however, that there weren’t nuggets of pop culture goodness to be found; it just means that I had to work a little harder to find them. This week’s roundup is the fruit of my labor. So here’s your chance to see what you might have missed while you were eating leftover turkey or black Friday shopping.





Time for some trailers….

  • Knight of Cups:


  • Luther:


  • Outlander season 2:


  • Grease: Live:


  • The Other Side of the Door:


  • A Very Murray Christmas:


  • Norm of the North:


  • I Saw the Light:


  • Ride Along 2:


  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:


  • Marvel’s Agent Carter season 2:


  • A sneak peek of Batman v. Superman:





As always, we end with the supercuts and mashups….

  • Batman suits up:


  • A tribute to 2015 cinema:


  • If Family Guy’s Peter Griffin voiced Chewbacca:

Why they didn't hire Peter Griffin to voice Chewbacca to begin with is beyond me. This is SO good!

A video posted by Moviepilot (@moviepilot) on


  • Dilwale mashed up with Despicable Me 2:


  • Even marching bands are covering Adele:


  • If you’re a woman in the Star Wars universe and your name ain’t Leia, you didn’t have much to say in the original trilogy:


  • Fall Out Boyz II Men:


  • The Avengers gets the romantic comedy treatment:


  • Kanye meets Queens of the Stone Age:


  • And finally, Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones do holiday parodies of popular songs:



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