Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Goodbye Starman Edition

I was in the middle of a conversation with a co-worker when I saw the news that icon David Bowie had died. My jaw literally dropped as I stared in disbelief at the news story on my computer screen. David Bowie was gone? How could this remotely be possible? Wasn’t he immortal? His death stayed on my mind all day. I sat down that evening to listen to some of his music to honor his legacy; when the first notes of “Rebel, Rebel” boomed from my speakers, I burst into tears.

The depth of my reaction took me somewhat by surprise, as I cannot in good conscience claim to be a huge David Bowie fan. I enjoy his music, but I’m more of a “greatest hits” fan rather than a “deep cuts” fan. I think that is partially due to my age; growing up in the eighties, I just missed experiencing first hand Bowie’s most experimental and innovative periods. By the time I was just starting to listen to music, he was in his pop rock phase, so my first real memory of Bowie was his duet with Mick Jaggar on their cover of “Dancing in the Streets.” It’s definitely not on Bowie’s highlight reel and my introduction to the man who helped create glam rock was images like this:



There is absolutely no reason to believe from that video that you were watching not one, but two, music legends.

It was only later that I discovered Bowie’s earlier work. I honestly wasn’t sure what exactly to make of Ziggy Stardust and all of Bowie’s other incarnations when I first was exposed to them as a kid; it was weird, but it was interesting. It was later when I was older that I could truly appreciate what a groundbreaking force David Bowie was. He pushed boundaries and challenged your preconceived notions about a lot of things. He helped make it not only to be a misfit, but made it cool as well. He was smart, funny, and had a desire to keep trying new things. He is the spiritual father to so many other artists that I enjoy; without Bowie, I don’t know if any of them would exist.

He was also a talented actor. While I’ve never seen Labyrinth – an omission that I hope to remedy soon – I enjoyed some of this other performances. He’s great in The Prestige as Nikola Tesla and I think he would have been spectacular if he had accepted the offer to be a Bond villain. And of course, let’s not forget his awesome turn in Zoolander:


A lot of actors think that they can act. Most are wrong, but Bowie actually delivered the goods.

It makes me tremendously sad to know that I’m now living in a world without Bowie. He always seemed so otherworldly that it was hard to remember that he was a mere mortal like the rest of us. In the end, it is perhaps fitting that Bowie was able to plan his final goodbye. He dropped his wonderful new album Blackstar, saw his musical Lazarus take the stage, celebrated one last birthday and then disappeared. People always joked that Bowie was an alien, so I like to think that he didn’t die but just moved on to another planet that needed him. God’s speed, Starman.

And now…on to the pop culture roundup……


  • The Late Show did a musical number in Bowie’s memory:



getting ready…

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Time for trailers…….

  • Marvel’s Daredevil season 2:


  • Better Call Saul:


  • Hulu’s The Path:


  • House of Cards, season 4:


  • Netflix’s The Get Down:


  • Dirty Grandpa:


  • Hail, Caesar!:


  • The Witch:


  • Rush Hour (the TV series):


  • Triple 9:


  • Kevin Hart: What Now?


  • The Conjuring 2:


  • TNT’s Good Behavior and Animal Kingdom:


  • 11.22.63:


  • High-Rise:


  • Tumbledown:


  • Elvis & Nixon:





As always, we end with the mashups and supercuts…..

  • It’s Always Sunny in Tatooine:


  • CNN turned the State of the Union into a Wes Anderson movie:


  • Star and Rec (a Star Wars/Parks and Recreation mashup):


  • Christina Aguilera covers John Lennon’s “Mother”:


  • A mashup of 2016 movie trailers:


  • Dumb and Dumber recut as a Oscar-worthy drama:


  • Smashmouth pays tribute to David Bowie:


  • Chewbacca Tim Allen:


  • Courtney Love covered Radiohead’s “Creep”:


  • Craig David covers Bieber’s “Love Yourself”:


  • Inserting The Cure’s Robert Smith into comic book covers:



  • The Powerpuff Girls recreated in GTA V:


  • The Revenant gets Parks and Recreation-style credits:


  • Mad Max: Fieri Road:


  • Leonardo DiCaprio in Oregon Trail: The Movie:


  • And finally, Calvin and Hobbes meets Star Wars: The Force Awakens:



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