Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Going on Vacation Edition

I’m going on vacation tomorrow, which is a really big deal because I haven’t been on a proper vacation in well over a year. I manage to cram a lot into the occasional day off or long weekend, but being out of the office for 4 whole days is practically unheard of. Of course, because I am me, I actually have a lot of anxiety about this vacation as we have no set plans and I am going with some people that I’ve never met before (friends of friends). For an introverted type-A planner, this has been a real challenge. But after being sick for the last week, it will be nice to enjoy some warm weather and celebrate my friend’s birthday. Letting the chips fall where they may is not my ideal, but I’m working on being more go with the flow. We’ll see what happens.

This will likely be the only post until next Wednesday, as I’ve been going to bed ridiculously early to try and get as healthy as possible before this trip and my pop culture consumption has been limited to just trying to keep up to date on my DVR. But hopefully there is enough pop culture goodness in this week’s roundup to tide you over until I return.



Time for some trailers…..

  • The LEGO Batman Movie:



  • Game of Thrones, season 6:


  • War Dogs:


  • Me Before You:


  • Voltron: Legendary Defender:


  • The Conjuring 2:


  • Alice Through the Looking Glass:







As always, we end with the mashups and supercuts….

  • Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder performed “Bobby Jean” in Seattle:


  • Batman and Superman rap “Mama Said Knock You Out”:


  • A 1950s R&B cover of “Cry Me A River”:


  • Disturbed plays “Sound of Silence”:


  • Jurassic Park as a nature documentary:


  • And finally, Bert and Ernie do a little “Regulate”:

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