Trailer Thursday – Jason Bourne


Jason Bourne is back! No disrespect to Jeremy Renner, but this is how things are supposed to be.

The Bourne movies marked a major turning point for me in my allegiance to #teamBen and #teamMatt. I have no idea why I feel like I can’t like both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, but that is an issue for me to work out with my therapist. Since Good Will Hunting I considered myself to be a ride or die member of #teamBen. Matt Damon was fine enough, but I was all in for Affleck. In retrospect this wasn’t all that surprising as Affleck had the better career immediately after they won the Oscar and he totally plays into my affinity for tall, dark-haired sort of bad boys. Plus Matt Damon was dating Minnie Driver at the time and we all know how I feel about her.

But then The Bourne Identity came out in 2002. I can still remember sitting in our living room on Myrtle Avenue watching it when the notion struck – Matt Damon was way better than Ben Affleck. I’d love to tell you that this realization came solely from maturity and recognizing that Damon is a more interesting actor with greater range, but if I’m being honest I’m pretty sure this epiphany was triggered in part by the unexpected sight of Damon’s jacked arms in a tank top.


      Affleck who?

After The Bourne Identity it’s like the blinders were off and I could see Matt Damon for what he really was – an extremely talented actor who could do a lot of different things well and who by all accounts is a pretty nice and thoughtful guy. I still like Ben Affleck to a degree – his occasional douchiness is no longer as charming – but Damon has quickly become one of my favorite actors. I’ll watch pretty much anything he’s in; even if the rest of the movie is meh, he’s always giving a thoughtful or solid performance. Meanwhile, I can’t even bring myself to go watch Batman v Superman in the theaters. So I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Bourne movies that led me to this realization.

After a brief attempt to carry on the franchise with Jeremy Renner, it’s nice to have Damon back as killing machine Jason Bourne. I liked The Bourne Legacy just fine, but it wasn’t the same without Damon. Thankfully everyone came to the same conclusion and we now have the latest installment in the series, Jason Bourne:


He’s still got it – and he’s still killing in in that grey tank top 😉

Jason Bourne will open nationwide on July 29, 2016.

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