Have You Heard The News?

Huey Lewis & The News photographed in Marin County, CA April 20, 2013©Jay Blakesberg

2013©Jay Blakesberg

Having recently seen the American Psycho musical on Broadway got me to thinking about something that I have in common with Patrick Bateman. No, I am not secretly butchering people at night in an attempt to quench my bloodlust and feel alive (well, as far as you know anyway). Rather, the lead character and I have an affinity for the pop band Huey Lewis and the News.


I may not dissect (ha!) their songs to the degree that Patrick does, but I do enjoy their music. I was a kid when Huey Lewis and the News was popular and I remember listening to their cassette tapes over and over again. And then…I kind of forgot about them. I got older, discovered grunge and hip hop, and the band just slipped completely off my radar for about 20 years. It didn’t help that they went into hibernation, only releasing one new album from 1995-2009 so there was nothing to keep them culturally relevant.

However, since I am now an old lady, the music of my youth is now nostalgic enough that it is getting attention again. There has been a sudden proliferation of radio stations that focus primarily on music of the 80s and 90s, which means a resurgence of bands on the airwaves that I hadn’t given a second thought to since I graduated from high school. Huey Lewis and the News was a band that has been in heavy rotation on these new stations and hearing those songs again rekindled my affection for the band. Now I look forward to one of their songs popping up, which usually happens at least once a day on my commute. I’ve even been known to jump among these nostalgia stations, trying my luck at happening upon a Huey Lewis song. When we went to see American Psycho, my only benchmark for success was that the scene above somehow be incorporated into the musical. This was accomplished, so my threat of “Huey Lewis or we riot” did not have to come to fruition.

In honor of my recent Huey Lewis and the News renaissance, here are my top 5 songs from the band. I don’t know if Patrick Bateman would agree with my assessment, but I probably shouldn’t be too worried about the approval of a fictional serial killer.

  • “Doing It All For My Baby” – Fore!


  • “Do You Believe In Love” – Picture This


  • “The Power of Love” – Back to the Future Soundtrack


  • “Stuck With You” – Fore


  • “If This Is It” – Sports


I probably could have done a top 10 or even a top 15; in looking for the videos for these songs, I realized just how many Huey Lewis and the News songs I really and truly enjoy. It might not do much for my street cred, but the heart wants what the heart wants. If I did karaoke – and be thankful that I don’t – I’d predict that a Huey Lewis song would probably be in repertoire. It appears that he is on the retro touring circuit now, so I think I kind of owe it to myself to go see him live.

Do you have a favorite Huey Lewis and the News song? Are they a band that just doesn’t do it for you? Let us know in the comments.

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