Pop Culture Odds and Ends – FOMO Edition


This summer is off to a weird start in that I don’t already have a ton of activities and trips planned. Usually at this time of the year, most of my weekends are already booked up and when people ask me when I’ll be free, I give them some dates in November. While I like to keep busy, that pace was kind of exhausting (and expensive) so I decided to cut back a little this year. I’m driving a 14 year old car, so it’s probably time to start putting away some savings for its eventual replacement (though I plan to ride my current car into the freaking ground – and even then still try to drive it). Also, when I broke my ankle, I was unable to go to a lot of things that I’d already bought tickets for, so that money was kind of down the tubes. That made me think perhaps I shouldn’t plan so far in advance. Live more in the moment. Basically go against my entire personality.

Underlying all this thought about fiscal responsibility and not burning myself out was another reason that I tried to cut back this year – fear of missing out or FOMO. One of the problems resulting from planning your summer in March is that when random things come up, you can’t participate. While I was off in NYC or at a concert, I was having a good time but I was also wondering what I was missing at the BBQ that all my friends were at that I was unable to attend. The idea that other people were having more fun than me has always been a concern of mine; one of the reasons that I never took advantage of the opportunity to travel during my college’s January term was because I was afraid that I’d miss out on something cool on campus while I was away. So, as you can see, I’ve been neurotic and crazy for a long time. This summer, I was going to try to leave myself open for the rest of the world that doesn’t plan as far in advance as I do. If a random thing comes up on a Thursday, I wouldn’t have to politely decline because I’d already committed to something that I was much less interested in doing.

This plan makes sense on paper, but so far hasn’t really worked out as I expected. It is quite possible that I am not as popular as I thought I was as the invitations to BBQs and picnics haven’t exactly been rolling in. I’ve been in town more weekends than not the last few months and have subtly advertised this fact, but so far I’ve spent a lot of weekends being bored out of my mind. Maybe people just assume I’m busy or maybe there just aren’t as many events as I thought. All I know is that I’m staring down a three day weekend with nothing to do and it’s giving me untold levels of anxiety. I really should talk to a therapist.

However, the pop culture roundup is here to assuage you of any FOMO you may have about the world of pop culture. I’ve searched high and low to find all the pop culture news that’s fit to print from the last seven days, so that you’ll be able to catch up on anything that you might have missed. So while I decide whether to bite the bullet and make plans for this weekend, you can kick back and relax with the pop culture roundup.


(Pro tip – you hear someone playing this song, get the hell out of dodge)


Time for some trailers….

  • Star Trek Beyond (now with more Rihanna):


  • Keeping Up With The Joneses:


  • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back:


  • HBO’s Divorce:


  • Mr. Robot:


  • Inferno:


  • American Pastoral:


  • Bridget Jones’s Baby:


  • Joshy:


  • Ouija:  Origin of Evil:


  • Freedumb:


  • Dirty Thirty:


  • HBO’s Insecure:


  • Lights Out:


  • Morgan:


  • The Get Down:


  • The 9th Life of Louis Drax:


  • Difficult People:




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As always, we end with the supercuts and mashups….

  • This fan edit tells the origin story of Freddy Krueger:


  • Game of Bones:


  • Tommen Tenenbaum:


  • It’s Always Sunny in Europe:


  • 44 years of Brain De Palma movies in six minutes:



  • This J-Pop Cover of the Ghostbusters theme is way better than the Fall Out Boy version:


  • Game of Thrones meets Black Sabbath:


  • President Obama sings a little Drake:


  • A doo wop version of “MMMbop”:


  • And finally, How To Train Your Drogon:




Some Thoughts on the Season Six Finale of Game of Thrones




Today is one of the saddest days of the year for me; the morning after the season finale of Game of Thrones means that the long wait for new episodes has begun. It doesn’t feel right to not spend my Sunday nights immersed in Westeros, yelling at the TV like the Mad King. I’m particularly bummed out this year because season 6 was just so freaking good; I don’t know if the showrunners were liberated from no longer being boxed in by the source material or if the pieces have just finally fallen into place for some sort of convergence of characters, but the end result has been one of the best seasons of television that I’ve had the pleasure to watch.

I have a lot of Game of Thrones-related thoughts rolling around in my head today, exasperated by the fact that pretty much no one in my office watches the show so I can’t spend my morning decompressing and rehashing the finale like a normal person. If I have my way, all new hires will be required to watch this show – you have no idea what it’s like to have a perfect opportunity to drop a Daenerys Targaryen reference and have no one appreciate it. Sigh. I live a tough life. #thestruggleisreal

So instead, good readers, I’m just going to unload all my random thoughts on you. So if you haven’t watched the finale, this is your last chance to turn back, though honestly I have no idea why you are still reading this at this point.

Heather’s thoughts on the Game of Thrones season six finale (in no particular order):

  • Man, I was super pissed to see Dorne featured on the “Previously On…” segment.
  • Even though I was pretty confident that Cersei was going to use the wildfire as her “get out of jail” card, that entire opening sequence was beautifully shot and executed *no pun intended*
  • When exactly did the “little birds” graduate from gossipmongers to stone cold killers? Arya apparently never had to leave King’s Landing to learn how to be a pint sized assassin. All she needed was some plumbs.
  • Cersei calmly drinking wine while the sept blew up may have been my favorite moment of the episode.


  • A close second was Cersei’s ironic chant of “Shame” as she left the nun in the hands of The Mountain.


  • Really, this was Cersei’s “Lemonade” episode.


  • The windows of King’s Landing really should have better security.


(There’s an inappropriate “Free Fallin’” joke to be made here)

  • I’m sad that Queen Margaery and Loras (and like half of King’s Landing) meet their demise, but the real question here is WHAT HAPPENED TO SER POUNCE?!?!


  • I’m not really sure where this storyline with Sam is going, but it was worth it to see how happy he was in the Citadel library.


  • I was surprised that the Maesters weren’t more up on current events at the Wall.
  • No rose for you Daario. Danny’s got bigger fish to fry.
  • Speaking of which – who are potential husbands for Daenerys? Seems like a lot of the people running the world right now are the ladies and I’m guessing that Westeros doesn’t have a liberal same-sex marriage policy.
  • That scene between Tyrion and Daenerys was fantastic.


  • Hopefully Hand of the Queen has better job security than Hand of the King.
  • Where’s Brianne? Is Tormund worried about her?
  • Also, where in the hell is Gendry? Is he the “Russian in the Pine Barrens” of Game of Thrones?
  • Melisande got off pretty easy for her child murdering ways.
  • LOL – the Queen of Thornes ain’t got no time for the Sand Snakes.


  • Varys:



  • Glad Walder Frey finally got what was coming to him, but the Red Wedding feels like it was so long ago that his murder didn’t have the same kind of satisfaction that I thought it was had. Honestly, it felt just like tying off a lose end – and proving that Arya is very efficient with her kill list.
  • We finally received confirmation of R+L=J, which honestly probably would have been a lot more exciting of a reveal if we hadn’t all known this forever. Still, glad that we officially know that Lyanna is Jon’s mother, though how annoying that we don’t know what she whispered to Ned.
  • Snaps to the casting director for finding a baby that looks world weary at birth.


  • Littlefinger was peak creepy in this episode, but I still love him.


  • I know that we’re six season in, but is it too late to back Lady Lyanna for the Iron Throne? Seriously, this kid is a freaking boss.


  • Like, I know she’s 10 years old, but I’m already rooting for Jon to marry her. She’s the best hype man of the North.
  • I’ve got to admit, Jon being crowned King of the North got me a little misty. Let’s hope this ends better than it did for Robb.


  • There was a lot of side eye going on in this episode which hints at some potential rifts coming in season 7.



  • Queen Cersei? That’s not good for anybody.


  • Most of all Cersei, who has no idea that dragons, Dothraki, Tyrells, Sand Snakes, the Unsullied, Daenerys and her brother are coming for her.


  • Wait – how did Varys get back to Danny so quickly?!? He was JUST in Dorne.


  • The Dothraki be like:

I'm on a boat

So what did you all think? Did you love season 6 as much as I did? Any thought/predictions about what’s to come? Let us know in the comments.

New Ghostbusters Theme


I’ve found all the hullabaloo about the new all-female Ghostbusters reboot to be a little disheartening. A lot of it smacks to me of misogyny, some of it thinly veiled but a lot of it loud and proud about its belief that a comedy starring four women is doomed. I get that people have strong feelings about Ghostbusters from their childhood, but it seems silly to be so dismissive of the new movie without even having seen it. There’s an awful lot of hyperbole floating around about something that is sight unseen beyond a few trailers. Granted, the trailers haven’t bowled me over, but I’d rather have a fun movie that has crappy trailers than vice versa. Ghostbusters isn’t one of my sacred cows – it was an enjoyable yet inessential part of my youth – so maybe I’m just more open to the idea than other people, but I’m willing to give the reboot the benefit of the doubt, especially because of all the people involved. I generally enjoy anything that Paul Feig takes on and trust him enough to not to completely desecrate the memory of a movie from the 80s. He’s got a solid cast to work with in Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, so the tools are there to make a great comedy.  Ghostbusters may be a total and compete abject failure, but I’m at least going to give it a chance.

My open-mindedness extended to news that the new Ghostbusters theme song was going to be performed by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott. Now on paper, that certainly is a weird combination; at best, that sounds like a good idea from the early 2000s when we were all more into that pop punk/emo vibe that Fall Out Boy exudes. But I’ve learned that even I don’t always see the potential in things and that just because something doesn’t sound appealing doesn’t mean that it ultimately won’t work; putting Doritos on a bagel with cream cheese sounds like a terrible idea, but I assure you that sh*t is straight up delicious. #BallstonBagel

So when the new version of the Ghostbusters theme dropped yesterday, I was more than willing to give it a fair shake, despite all signs pointing to this being a bad idea and an affinity for the Ray Parker Jr. original that surpasses my loyalty to the actual movie that it was the theme for. I was ready to be wowed by the creative genius of the pairing and the innovative reimagining of such impressive lyrics as “Bustin’ makes me feel good.” Alas, the new Ghostbusters theme is just straight up garbage:


OK – straight up garbage may be a little harsh, but that isn’t great. Missy Elliott definitely makes it better, as she makes everything better, but I just can’t with whatever it is that Fall Out Boy is doing with this song. I don’t know if it’s too self-serious, too punk, or just not the right tempo, but I barely got through the whole song. I’ll give them credit for trying to make the song their own, but I kind of wish that they had kept it to themselves rather than sharing it with the world. Repetition is a powerful tool so perhaps this song will wear me down the more I hear it, but right now my first impression, hot take is not favorable. I’m hoping that this will be the only misstep in the reboot, that they got their mistake out of the way with this nonsense so that everyone will get riled up and then the movie will be fine.


I’m not sure when exactly I became a Pollyanna; perhaps my contrarian nature has overridden my usual skepticism and since there is so much backlash against this film I feel the need to defend it or at least not presuppose that it will be bad.

What are your thoughts on the new theme song? Does this make you worried about the film? Do you think it’s great and I’m crazy? Sound off in the comments.