Pop Culture Odds and Ends – No Jury For You Edition


The gods once again smiled on me and my tenure as a potential juror was short lived; by Tuesday, they announced that there would be no further trial activity for the week and that we had all fulfilled our service. This was great news, especially since I never actually had to report to the courthouse at any point. I was lucky juror 474 out of a potential pool of 501 people, so they were most likely not calling me unless they were calling everybody. So for the next six years, I am golden. This is exactly what happened the last time that I received a jury summons. I’m beginning to think that I am persona non grata at the courthouse. I am totally OK with that.  My only disappointment is that I stocked up on things to amuse myself in case I was stuck sitting at court all day with nothing to do. I guess I’ll have to read those Preacher comics on my own time. A small price to pay.

But enough about me – I know what you’re hear for. As always, I’ve tried to compile the best that the world of pop culture has to offer for this week’s roundup. It’s been a sad week for everyone and we could all use a little bit of cheering up or at least a temporary diversion from all the ugliness in the world. I’ve got you covered. So take a moment and get yourself caught up on all the pop culture that you might have missed.




Time for some trailers….

  • Moana:


  • Suicide Squad:


  • Pete’s Dragon:


  • Jason Bourne:


  • HBO’s The Night Of:


  • Stranger Things:


  • Rob Zombie’s 31:


  • Marco Polo, season 2:


  • The Greasy Strangler:


  • Kevin Hart: What Now?:


  • Kicks:


  • Spaceman:


  • Mass Effect: Andromeda:


  • Life Animated:



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This guy. #NationalBestFriendsDay

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As always, we end with the supercuts and mashups….

  • 30 Casterly Rock:


  • The Pittsburgh Pirates have a Game of Thrones­-themed starting lineup video:


  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Titus Andromedon wants to audition for Hamilton:


  • LEGO Ghostbusters:


  • A Twenty-One Pilots cover:


  • Deadpool’s Day Off:


  • And finally, this T. Rex does better than expected on American Ninja Warrior:


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