Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Binge Watching Edition


Other than brunch plans, I didn’t have any else on the agenda for the recent long weekend. While that was partially by design as I’ll be away the next two weekends, it was also a little disappointing that I didn’t get any invites to BBQs or to go see the fireworks. As a result, the most exciting thing that happened to me over the long weekend was discovering the baby mouse that my cat Pumpkin killed in the middle of the night. Thankfully it wasn’t a mess to clean up and he didn’t deposit his gift to me on my bed. Minor victories.

Left to my own devices, I spent most of the weekend catching up on shows that I’ve either fallen behind on or have been wanting to check out. Thanks to a very aggressive viewing schedule I was able to get through two seasons each of Veep and Silicon Valley as well as finally check out Hulu’s Casual which has been recommended to me by various people. I’ve been ducking spoilers about the HBO comedies for a while, so it was nice to finally get current on two series that I really, really enjoy. The only downside was after blazing through all the episodes I missed, I now have to wait until both shows return next spring for new content. I also enjoyed Casual, though it wasn’t quite what I expected (in a good way). I should be caught up on that too shortly, though at least that still has new episodes for a few more weeks. Given the wasteland that is summer TV – I’ve even considered canceling my cable for few months which is a straight up sign of the apocalypse – I imagine I’ll work my way through the list of other shows that I want to catch up on. And yes, there is an actual list. I’m type A, remember?

I did appreciate the respite, even if I was secretly envious of my friends’ Instagram posts, Facebook updates and Snapchats from this weekend. But really, is there anything more American than spending the weekend watching TV?

The quiet also allowed me to get a jump on this week’s pop culture roundup. Given the holiday weekend pop culture news wasn’t as prevalent as it has been other weeks, but that just inspired me to search longer and harder to see what I could uncover. So while you return to reality from your exciting Independence Day weekend activities, take a little time to catch yourself on the pop culture that you might have missed. My 4th of July weekend may have been meh, but I have high hopes for Labor Day.




Time for some trailers…..

  • Sully:


  • Why Him?:


  • Bleed for This:


  • Trolls:


  • Bad Moms:


  • War Dogs:


  • Viral:


  • Hell or High Water:


  • BoJack Horeseman:


  • Stranger Things:


  • Ghostheads:


  • HarmonQuest:


  • Tallulah:


  • Chasing Niagara:


  • Voyage of Time:








As always, we end with the supercuts and mashups…..

  • Jordan Peele did a word-for word recreations of the 1988 “Drunk James Brown” interview:


  • Game of Thrones season 6 impressions:


  • Hamilton Irish dancing:


  • This made me laugh – James Madison: A Revolutionary Cheating Site


  • Justin Bieber covers Taylor Swift:


  • A metal cover of “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”:


  • Batman’s kill count in Batman v Superman:


  • A vintage Blues cover of “You Give Love A Bad Name”:


  • Throne Wars:


  • And finally….Cersei’s big moment on Game of Thrones syncs up surprising well with Frozen:

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