Friday Fun – Pop Princess Edition

I had originally planned on going to see the new Ghostbusters movie last night, but once I got home and on my couch, my desire to go back out into the world again evaporated. It was the right decision – I was exhausted and it allowed me to catch up on the Mr. Robot season premiere without it being spoiled – but that meant that I had nothing for the blog today, which is never good.

Thankfully, the world of pop music sensed that I was in distress, as both Britney Spears and Katy Perry dropped new music overnight. I appreciate the assist from Ms. Spears and Ms. Perry; it was very thoughtful of them to drop some new music in my time of need, especially since neither of them have had new singles in a while. Take a listen…..

“Made Me” – Britney Spears:


“Rise” – Katy Perry:


I’ll be away most of this weekend do mostly non-pop culture-y things (the HORROR), but I’m hoping to still get to see Ghostbusters at some point so I have something to review on Monday. If not, it would be great if Justin Timberlake could drop his new album or Calvin Harris could go on another Taylor Swift Twitter rant. I need some content.

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