Fun Friday – The Walking Dead photo in Atlanta

The lengths I’ll go to for pop culture.

While I was in Atlanta last week, one of the items on my itinerary was to take a photo from the Jackson Street Bridge. Not only does this provide a nice skyline of downtown Atlanta, but it is also the vantage point of one of the iconic visuals from The Walking Dead:


I didn’t rent a car while I was in Atlanta, so I had to rely on public transportation, walking, or Uber to get around. The public transit system in Atlanta is pretty limited (at least the trains), especially when you are used to navigating the subway system of NYC, and not surprisingly there was no route that would drop me off by a random bridge. When I ran it in Google Maps, it was only a 25 minute walk, which didn’t seem unreasonable. Of course, I didn’t factor in a couple of things:

  1. The heat and humidity were way more oppressive than I anticipated
  2. Because I don’t know Atlanta and its surrounding areas at all, I had no idea if I was walking through areas that weren’t pedestrian friendly – or safe

But I had a mission and I was sticking to it. I like walking and was pretty gung ho about getting to stretch my legs a bit and get in some exercise in the first 10 minutes or so. My enthusiasm started to waver as my route became much less urban/populated and when I was the only person walking. By the time I was walking beneath highway overpasses and starting to sweat, I began to question why I was going though so much effort for a TV show that I don’t even watch anymore. At that point I was too far along my journey to turn back anyway and my stubbornness overrode any sort of common sense. I was getting that photo, no matter what. Thankfully, my path because more residential and a lot less sketchy as the number of joggers/bicyclists I encountered increased. By the time I made the turn onto Jackson Street I was tired and sticky, but relieved that this leg of my journey was almost over. And then finally, there it was….

2016-07-29 09.49.30

Obviously they used some computer magic to make some alterations – not just the end of the world damage, but they added a bridge that doesn’t exist in real life. Since I’m not a huge fan of the show this was a little underwhelming, but since it was on the way to some other things that I wanted to do (yup – I walked another 25 minutes after this) the detour wasn’t all that problematic. Plus you know that I love to have a pop culture feather in my cap and while this didn’t blow me away, I’m sure other people out there would think it was cool. So really, I suffered for you, dear readers 🙂 I didn’t run into any zombies, so that has to be considered a win. I’m sure I’ve done dumber things for less payoff in the past.

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