Pop Culture Odds and Ends – New Look Edition


You may notice this week that the pop culture round-up looks a little different this week. It is now set up by subject areas to group similar news items together. This was suggested by a reader and I thought I’d give it a try this week to see if how everyone liked it. Thankfully it’s not too much extra work and it plays into my type-A personality need to keep things organized. Plus readership has been dwindling a lot in the last few months and I really need to keep the few of you who are loyal readers happy. Hopefully this makes it easier for you to keep track of all the news in the roundup. Feel free to give me your feedback.

And now….on to what you’re really here for…..the pop culture extravaganza that I assemble each week. Get yourself caught up on what you might have missed with the latest edition of the roundup.

Television News






Movie News


Tommy doesn’t believe this either.



  • Hands of Stone (red-band trailer):


  • Sully:


  • La La Land:


  • Same Kind of Different as Me:


  • Narcos, season 2:


  • End of A Gun:


  • Mechanic 2:


  • Rings:


  • Kidnap:


  • Audrie & Daisy:


  • Morgan:


  • Max Steel:


  • Scream Queens, season 2:


  • Jean-Claude Van Johnson:


  • Zoom:


  • You’re The Worst:


  • MacGyver:


  • Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey:


Music News



Theater News




Odds & Ends


As always, we end with the Mashups and Supercuts……

  • The Voice coaches cover “Dream On”:


  • A hamster version of Super Mario:


  • More of kids recreating The Real Housewives of Atlanta:


  • A supercut of awkward moments:


  • Rogue One meets Friends:


  • Rogue One meets the Beastie Boys:


  • Brothers Osborne covered the Dixie Chicks:


  • This compilation proves that the cast of Star Trek Beyond loves its dubsmash:


  • SNL actors breaking character:


  • A tribute to movie fight scenes:


  • A supercut of “best supporting weirdos”:


  • The Revenant as an 8-bit video game:


  • A supercut of Jonah Hill one-liners:


  • A Sherlock musical parody:


  • And finally, The Shawshand Redemption recut as the upbeat romance it was always meant to be:




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