Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Take It Easy Edition


I’m not on vacation this week, but I’m giving myself a little break from blogging. This is partially just because there isn’t much going on this week in the world of pop culture but also because I want some time to think about the future of the blog. Even with my reduced blogging schedule, this is still a big time commitment and I’m not sure if the interest is still there. So on top of some relaxing, I have some thinking to do.

But I couldn’t leave you completely without any pop culture hook-up this week, so on to the roundup. As usual, I’ve searched to bring you the best pop culture news that the web has to offer. So as the hazy days of summer come to a close, get yourself caught up on what you might have missed in the last week.










  • A Dog’s Purpose:


  • A United Kingdom:


  • Lion:


  • My Blind Brother:


  • Empire, season 3:


  • The Greasy Strangler (NSFW):


  • Planetarium:


  • Famous in Love:


  • Manchester By The Sea:


  • Luke Cage:


  • Westworld:


  • Blunt Talk, season two:


  • Three Days of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks:


  • Those Who Can’t season 2:


  • The Flash season 3:


  • Insecure:


  • The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan’s Journey:


  • The Disappointments Room:











Odds and Ends


Mashups and Supercuts

  • Garfield’s Jon Arbuckle sings Drake:


  • Kanye Things:


  • A supercut of people touching things in movies:


  • Kevin Bacon does his best Tom Petty impersonation on The Tonight Show:


  • The Indian version of the Friends theme song:


  • Rouge Binks:


  • Avengers: Full House:


  • Coldplay paid tribute to Gene Wilder in concert:


  • And finally, may these Game of Thrones attack ads tide you over until the next season:




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