Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Golden Girls Edition


Thirty-one years ago today, a little show called The Golden Girls debuted. Like most women my age, I am inexplicably enraptured by this series about the friendship of four women over 50 (and in one case, really over 50). I actually liked the show when it originally aired, even though in retrospect I was way too young to have fully appreciated the series and some of the jokes sailed right over my head. But Saturday nights tended to be when my parents went out (“date night” before there was such a thing as “date night”) and I have vivid memories of me, my friend, her older sister, and my brother (who had no choice in the matter) settling in to watch Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia do their thing. I’m not really sure what an eight year old was getting out of the show, but I loved it. I remember how old they all seemed back then, which goes to show you the power of perspective. When I revisited the show as an adult, I was surprised by just how much sexual innuendo the show got away with; I guess when it’s coming out of the mouths of senior citizens, people are willing to let more slide.  Despite the fact that I own the entire series on DVD, I will still stop and watch a few episodes if I ever come across it on television. When I went to California to visit my best friend, it happened to be right after Bea Arthur died and we were more than content to just sit on the couch all day and watch a Golden Girls marathon in her honor despite the fact that I had just flown across the country. I think it’s the friendship at the heart of the show that’s so appealing to so many people; this show fully embraced the idea that friends are your family and though “the girls” bickered and called each other names and sometimes drove each other crazy, in the end they loved and supported one another through it all. And who doesn’t want that? So happy anniversary Golden Girls – thank you for being a friend.


On to the pop culture roundup…………










  • Live By Night:


  • Legion:


  • Gold:


  • Collateral Beauty:


  • Divorce:


  • Goat (red-band trailer):


  • Free Fire (red-band trailer):


  • Saving Banksy:


  • Miss Sloane:


  • Fifty Shades Darker:


  • Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life:


  • All Eyez On Me:









Odds and Ends

Mashups and supercuts

  • The Fast and the Furious recreated with toy cars:


  • Several TV doctors reunited for a commercial:


  • Michael Phelps lip syncs Eminem:


  • Eddie Murphy can do a surprisingly good Tracy Morgan impression:


  • Meg Ryan and Adam Scott star in James Corden’s Beyoncé soap opera:


  • Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Hanks have a Pixar showdown:


  • Celine Dion raps….sort of:


  • Southern University marching band does Drake:


  • Happy Gilmore gets the 8-bit treatment:


  • Adam Sandler knows his way around product placement:


  • Postmodern Jukebox puts their spin on “Never Gonna Give You Up”:


  • Goosebumps meets American Horror Story:


  • And finally, Harry Potter as a 90s sitcom:


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