Pop Culture Odds and Ends – This is 40 Edition


So the day is finally here – today I turn 40 years old. And while I’m not yet having a full on mid-life crisis breakdown, this birthday has been harder on me than expected. Yes I know that age is just a number and turning a year older is a lot better than the alternative, but it does make you take stock of where you are in your life when you hit a milestone birthday. I’m generally pretty happy with my life, despite the fact that it bares very little resemblance to the life that I thought I’d have at this age. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. It makes a girl reflective and I occasionally fall into deep thought about the roads not traveled and the choices I made (or didn’t make) that led me to where I am today.

And then I remember that I’m going to see Adele tomorrow and I snap out of it.

When the handwriting was on the wall that no one was going to plan a party or a dinner or a big trip for my birthday, I took it upon myself to do so. So tomorrow I am off for three glorious days in New York City, which I am tremendously excited about. So there won’t be any new blog posts for the rest of the week. But I plan to come back with plenty of new content, so the radio silence will pay off in the long run. Hopefully this week’s pop culture roundup can tide you over until regular(ish) blogging resumes on Monday.

On to the roundup……



Reunited. #Emmys #fnl #blurry

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Dad and son meet because the Internet. @uncle_jezzy @strangerthingstv #strangertwins

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  • Passengers:


  • Moana:


  • Nocturnal Animals:


  • Crisis in Six Scenes:


  • Westworld:


  • Bastards:


  • Easy:


  • Supergirl, season 2:


  • Christine:


  • The Free World:


  • Annabelle 2:


  • Ordinary World:


  • Urge:


  • The Bye Bye Man:


  • RATS:


  • Flock of Dudes:


  • The Grand Tour:








Odds and Ends

Mashups and Supercuts

  • A campus tour video for Xavier’s School for the Gifted:


  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail recut as an intense drama:


  • The Narcos intro recreated with dogs:


  • Dolly Parton and Pentatonix cover “Jolene”:


  • A heavy metal version of “Everything is Awesome”:


  • How to speak Fargo:
  • An economic analysis of Homer Simpson:


  • And finally, Deadpool meets Spider-Man in this mash-up:



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