Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Autumn is Awesome Edition


I had an awesome summer. I visited Atlanta, Washington DC, Buffalo, the NYS fair and made multiple trips to my home away from home NYC. I got to see some great concerts and had more than my fair share of s’mores. But I’m not really sad to see the summer come to an end. Because ladies and gentlemen, I am all about autumn. It’s my absolute favorite time of year; in fact, other than my family, it’s really the only reason I still live in this part of the country. I would gladly pick up stakes and move somewhere that I didn’t have to deal with winter, but fall in the Northeast is just too much to give up. I love when the temperature dips just a bit, when the leaves turn brilliant oranges and reds, and when my obsession with all things pumpkin is at least tolerated as seasonally appropriate. In upstate New York, autumn also means apple season, which offers a thinly veiled excuse for cider donuts. I will be miserable as soon as the first flake of snow falls, but until then I am in my glory. I’m especially excited for fall this year since I missed out on everything last year; I broke my ankle in September and wasn’t completely off crutches until November. By then I had missed out on everything. So adios, summer. You were great, but better things are coming.

Speaking of great things…..it’s time for the weekly pop culture roundup. You know the drill – I compile all the best that the world of pop culture had to offer in the last week. Consider this your pop culture cheat sheet.








  • Allied:


  • Luke Cage:


  • Fences:


  • Blue Jay:


  • King Cobra:


  • Good Girls Revolt:


  • Trespass Against Us:


  • The Crown:


  • Fist Fight:


  • 20th Century Women:


  • The Whole Truth:


  • Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids:


  • People of Earth:


  • The Eyes of My Mother:


  • Bad Santa 2:


  • Supergirl, season 2:


  • Hamilton’s America:


  • Shooting Clerks:


  • Newtown:


  • 13th:


  • Dog Eat Dog:


  • Shovel Buddies:












Odds and Ends




Mashups and Supercuts

  • Batman vs. Batman:


  • Ellen and Kristen Bell audition to be Spice Girls:


  • Inappropriate Musicals with James Corden:


  • 21 best character departures of all time:


  • A homemade version of the Family Guy opening credits:


  • Fifty Shades of Joker:


  • Stranger Things meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer:


  • A Cribs-style look at Ash’s trailer on Ash vs. Evil Dead:


  • Finally, the cast of Will & Grace reunited for a scene about the 2016 election:

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