Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Short and Sweet Edition


The world of pop culture never stops spinning, but it does occasionally slow down. This past week is a perfect example, since Thanksgiving and the return of Gilmore Girls soaked up a lot of the pop culture bandwidth. So while the pop culture roundup may be on the light side this week, there’s still plenty that you may have missed while you were gobbling up turkey with your family or throwing down to get the best Black Friday deals.




  • Passengers:


  • Season finale of Westworld:


  • Fences:


  • Lifetime’s Beaches remake:


  • Emerald City:


  • Goon 2:


  • Riverdale:


  • White Rabbit Project:


  • First promo for the Golden Globes:







Odds and Ends


Mashups and Supercuts

  • Every “Matt” from American Horror Story: Roanoke:



  • Who knew Mariah Carey and My Chemical Romance would mash-up so well?:


  • Want to watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in a little over an hour? This mashup is for you:


  • Wes Anderson made an ad for H&M:


  • Someone made the lyrics of Smashmouth’s “All Star” into an action movie trailer:

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