Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Let’s All Go To The Movies Edition


You may have noticed that movie reviews lately have been few and far between on the blog. That’s because for some reason I just haven’t been going to the movies as often as I used to. There’s absolutely no good reason for this, other than the fact that up until recently there haven’t been a lot of movies that I have been all that psyched to see. Now there’s a bunch of movies that I’m looking forward to, but now I need to try and squeeze them all in before they disappear from the cinema. I’m woefully behind on my early Oscar Death Race prep; while most of the movies that are likely to be nominated haven’t been released yet, I should have been trying to get some of the potential foreign films and documentaries out of the way. Moonlight is a shoe-in for a bunch of nominations, but the showtimes have made it difficult for me to see. Thankfully most television shows wrap up their fall season next week (if they haven’t already), so I can fully commit to returning to the mulitplex on a more regular basis. I love going to the movies when I’m there, but sometimes getting myself to the theater is the larger battle. But I do love a challenge and I’ve never actually completed the Oscar Death Race of seeing ALL the nominees in every category, so that’s a motivator. So get ready for a barrage of movie reviews; that used to be the bread and butter of the blog so we’re going back to basics.  And now that it’s in writing, I can’t back out.

And now…..on to the weekly pop culture roundup……





  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2:


  • Sherlock series 4:


  • The Belko Experiment:


  • Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events:


  • The Circle:


  • Spectral:


  • Fist Fight:


  • Big Little Lies:


  • Office Christmas Party:


  • Sleight:


  • Death Stranding:


  • The Autopsy of Jane Doe:


  • Legion:


  • The Mummy:


  • Season 2 of Con Man:


  • Nashville season 5:


  • Transformers: The Last Knight:


  • Almost Paris:


  • Chasing Cameron:


  • Floyd Norman: An Animated Life:






Odds and Ends


Mashups and Supercuts

  • What if Wes Anderson directed The Witch:


  • Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag” in the style of Janis Joplin:


  • Chance the Rapper’s favorite improvised noises:


  • A mashup of movies that were released in 2016:


  • The apocalypse, as told by movies:


  • A metal remix of “All I Want for Christmas is You”:


  • Literal Bohemian Rhapsody:



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