Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Welcome to 2017 Edition


A new year brings a lot of new things, but right now we’re in a little bit of a pop culture lull. I actually like this time of year, when the craziness of the holidays is over and TV shows are slowly beginning to come back with new episodes. It’s also something of a holding pattern for new movie releases as well; most of the big Oscar movies are already showing and there aren’t a ton of new releases. For me, this is a great time to get caught up on things. I’m very excited to currently have no plans this weekend other than football, so I can binge watch to my little heart’s content and knock off some remaining films in preparation for the Oscars. Every once in a while a break from the action is needed so as to not completely drown in all the pop culture out there. And I am definitely catching up – after being mostly MIA from the cinemas, I’ve gone to the movies three times in four days and I binged two series over the weekend. In my world, that’s crazy productive. Soon enough I’ll be running around trying to track down an obscure foreign film for my Oscar Death Race and my DVR will be back up to 75%. But for now, I’m enjoying the relative calm before the storm.

This lull means that like last week, the pop culture roundup is a little on the light side. We’ll probably be back to basics next week, but in the meantime enjoy the slightly more manageable collection of all the pop culture news in the last week.






  • Bright Lights:


  • HBO’s Crashing:


  • Between Us:


  • Fifty Shades Darker:


  • Una:


  • The Lovers:






Odds and Ends

Mashups and Supercuts

  • Bryan Cranston and Bryan Cranston in Why Walt?:


  • Everybody Wants to Kill Bruce Willis 2:


  • Did Monica and Chandler move into the house from Home Alone?:


  • An Eminem and Arthur mashup:


  • A Carpool Karaoke megamix:


  • A homemade remake of the Captain America: Civil War trailer:


  • 2016: The Movie:




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