Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Three in a Row Edition


Holy smokes – three blog posts in three days! It’s like a blogging renaissance. I haven’t done this since the heady early days when I used to blog five days a week. LOL – don’t expect this frequency to continue; soon enough, I’m sure I’ll slow down to a more manageable schedule. But right now I have a backlog of content and since I’ve given myself permission to blog less I find that I’m actually enjoying it more. Funny how that works out.

Of course one blog post that I always look forward to doing is the weekly pop culture roundup. Now that the holidays are over, the pop culture business has picked up steam and there’s a lot more going on. So get yourself caught up on everything that you might have missed with this look at the week in pop.





  • Beauty and the Beast:


  • The Handmaid’s Tale:


  • Bates Motel, the fifth and final season:


  • Jim Gaffigan: Cinco:


  • I Am Not Your Negro:


  • Gold:


  • Better Call Saul, season three:


  • The Girl With All The Gifts:


  • The Good Fight:


  • Dying Laughing:


  • Rings:


  • Guerrilla:


  • Frontier:


  • The anthology series Urban Myths – WTF with Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson?!?:


  • Genius:


  • Archer, season 8:


  • All Nighter:


  • Riverdale:


  • Santa Clarita Diet:


  • Witness for the Prosecution:


  • Cult of Chucky:


  • Embeds:


  • Don’t Knock Twice:


  • The Lure:


  • Baywatch international trailer:


  • Girls season 6:







I assume this is how they will stage the duel from now on.

I assume this is how they will stage the duel from now on.

Odds and Ends


Mashups and Supercuts

  • Honey, I Blew Up the Kid reimagined as a Godzilla movie:


  • Public domain songs with Jamie Foxx and James Corden:


  • Jim Carrey joined Alice Cooper on stage for the Maui Food Bank benefit:


  • Neil Patrick Harris and James Corden have a Broadway riff-off:


  • By popular request on Twitter, Mark Hamill is reading Donald Trump quotes as The Joker:


  • Home Alone with blood is less fun:


  • Postmodern Jukebox puts a vintage jazz spin on “Ice Ice Baby”:


  • An 80s remix of Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s “This Is What You Came For”:


  • And finally, a trailer for Hidden Fences, the movie that conflates Hidden Figures and Fences as was done at the Golden Globes:


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