Pop Culture Odds and Ends – Baby Watch Edition

My sister-in-law is getting close to her due date, which means that I am officially on baby watch. What this basically translates to is that every time that my phone vibrates with a text message, email, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook messenger notification, I dive to get to my phone as quickly as possible to see if it bears tidings of my nephew’s impending arrival. I’m pretty popular, so my phone goes off a lot. I’m going to be in amazing shape when this kid finally arrives. So if you want to torture me, randomly message me throughout the day, knowing that wherever I am I am grabbing at my phone like I’m on the Titanic and it’s a life preserver. If you’re especially evil, do it while I’m at work.

So while I (semi)patiently wait to become an auntie, keep yourself occupied with this week’s pop culture roundup. There’s something here for everyone – even newborn babies.




  • Thor: Ragnarok:


  • Orange is the New Black, season 5:


  • Master of None, season 2:


  • Chris Gethard: Career Suicide:


  • Atomic Blonde:


  • I Love Dick, season 1:


  • All Eyez on Me:


  • Anne:


  • Take Me:


  • Rodney King:


  • Catastrophe, season 3:


  • Enter the Warriors Gate:


  • Samantha Bee’s Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner:


  • Sense8, season 2:


  • The Mist:


  • Chuck:


  • I’m Dying Up Here:


  • Risk:


  • Phoenix Forgotten:






Odds and Ends



Mashups and Supercuts

  • “Baby Got Back” as a barbershop quartet:


  • The Big Pug Theory:


  • What if Will Smith starred in The Matrix:


  • Morgan Freeman parodies The Shawshank Redemption:


  • Sean Spicer gets a Muppets remix:


  • “Give It Away Now” in 22 different musical styles:


  • Darth Vader loves dad jokes:


  • The Golden GIRLS:


  • Spider-Man reimagined:

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